How Much Does Roxxsaurus Make On YouTube

A Guide to Earning Criminally High Salaries in Criminal Justice

The legal profession is generally considered a lucrative profession. Qualified and experienced legal experts are very well paid and some of these professional have great allowances in accordance with the very important jobs they do.

Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Social Worker?

Your heart may go out to needy people and you may want to start working as a social worker; or you may be thinking of studying to be a social worker. But before you decide to enter the field of social work, there are a number of questions that you must ask yourself. The first question that you need to ask yourself is; are you a people person?

Stay Ahead of Other Students and Graduates

With the high level of competition amongst students and graduates and the need of companies to recruit the best quality, this has triggered an enhancement in the level of sophistication of the graduate recruitment procedure. Enterprises now report responses to adverts running in the hundreds where formerly they could have acquired thirty or so. It means that graduate job searchers are up against a wide range of competitors all with the same or similar experience.

Do You Cringe When You Hear Yourself on Your Answering Machine or Voicemail?

The first time I heard myself on a recording was many years ago when I was in college. I had a small portable Sony tape recorder and I was with my friends when we recorded ourselves. I was horrified when I heard my own speaking voice.

Voice Training Can Change a Childlike Voice Faster Than You Think!

One of the most common complaints I hear from women is that they sound like a child; and, they are tired or answering the phone and having the caller ask to speak to their mother. Does that sound familiar?

Job Hunting Help

So, in today’s economy, it is difficult to find a good job that pays enough money to support you and possibly a family. Many people have either been laid off, fired or just can’t seem to find a job. So what do you do. Unemployment doesn’t seem to cover even the essential bills. this is my advice to you…

How to Become a Child Psychologist

Ever thought about a career in child psychology? This article gives a step by step process for how to break into this important mental health career.

Roles, Relationships and Career Transformation: With Whom Do You Thrive?

Think of a favorite project you completed. It could be a project at work, or a project at home, or even something you did as a volunteer. Choose a project that makes you swell with pride, one you enjoyed and felt good about the work as well as the outcome. What role did you play? Were the leader, the one with vision, out in front, organizing and coordinating schedules and efforts? Were you the cheerleader, keeping everyone involved and motivated? Perhaps you were mediator, resolving conflict, smoothing ruffled feathers? Maybe you were a pair of hands, working hard and with focus, getting things done? Maybe you played a different role, or a combination of roles. In what roles do you thrive?

Shredders Just Love Your CV!

It is a sad fact but the shredder is the most likely destination for you CV whether you are a school drop out, teacher or top executive. If you approach your CV as a sales document, “this is what you (the employer) want – this is what I offer plus… these bonuses you get by employing me,” you give yourself the best chance of getting that interview.

Boosting Your Personal Brand at a Job Interview

Being offered an interview often means you are part way there, but the toughest test is still to come. The key to success at interview is preparation, preparation, preparation!

Back To Work Seniors Get Mixed Messages

Are you retired from one job looking to start another? Maybe you are just sitting home wondering what the real world is like and want to get a job at your advance age. Well, join the ranks of thousands of senior citizens breaking back into the labor force.

Educational Requirements and Duties of a Veterinary Technician

A love of animals is the primary prerequisite to work in a veterinarian’s office. A veterinary technician must acquire a two year associate’s degree and achieve a passing grade on the National Veterinary Technician exam. Additionally, the various states have different exam requirements that must also be passed before credentials are issued.

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