How Much Does Russell Brand Make on YouTube

Little Things Count a Lot

Little things are insignificant, small, tiny, infinitesimal, and seemingly unrecognized because of being little. Although, little things are always relegated, not thought of and ignored often, they have great consequences. Have you imagined that a little distraction, a dozing off as a result of fatigue, trying to avoid a small pothole on the road, and one small mechanic fault which the driver was aware of, but thought was a small issue, cause ghastly motor accidents on our highways? That is the consequences of neglecting little things.

Maximize Your Medical Transcription Salary – The Top 5 Things You Must Know

I like to look at medical transcription as a career where there are no limits. Currently, you may not be making the medical transcriptionist salary that is ideal. Well, it has been my experience that no matter how much or how little you are making right now, there is always room for improvement.

Serious Business Problems Are Solved by People Who Take on Serious Problems

Let’s dive in to this, if you want to be successful in any part of your life you need to be able to solve some BIG PROBLEMS. From high power fortune 500 CEO to great citizens around the world we all have something in common. “We all have problems”. Problems can cost high hundreds of thousands of dollars if the right individual is not in charge. That individual would be you!

Answers to Work Dissatisfaction!

Are you truly satisfied at work? Why not? What’s missing from getting you becoming truly satisfied at work?You’re highly if not decently paid but you feel something missing. You get to leave office on the dot but you just feel unhappy and miserable getting through the office hours.

Jumpstart Faster Than Other Rookies!

You may have just completed studies and begin working in your first job. You left your current company to pursue a greener pasture at other firms. You’ve got yourself transferred into another department of the same company. They’re (almost) similar where you are entering a new environment to work in.

How a CIPFA Qualification Can Help Further Your Career

If you want to work in public finance, a CIPFA qualification is the most suitable qualification to help with your career. CIPFA, or the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy, is the professional body for the public finance world. With over 14,000 members that work throughout the public services, CIPFA is the leading body in providing information, training, qualifications and benchmarking standards for the public finance sector.

Amazing Career Awaits – How an ACA Qualification Can Help Further Your Career

You may have heard of some of the finance and accountancy qualifications such as the ACA qualification and the CIMA. But what are these qualifications and how can they help further your career?

How an AAT Qualification Can Help Further Your Career

Gaining a certified qualification in accounting contributes to your professional development, progresses your career opportunities and increases you’re earning ability. With so many to choose from it is important to identify which area you would like to progress in. The AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) awards around 90% of all vocational qualifications in accounting and is the UK’s leading qualification and membership body for accounting staff. They have over 120,000 members internationally and their membership status varies depending on their qualifications, experience and current roles.

How a CIMA Qualification Can Help Further Your Career

If you are already working in the field of accounting or finance and would like to build on your skills and further your career, then a Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) qualification could be for you. Studying to become a CIMA will give you a superior range of business and managements skills with flexible career options. You’ll be at the forefront of business planning, strategy and changes across the industry including commerce, public and not-for-profit organisation sectors.

Lifecycle of the Average Regular Worker

Has it ever catch your mind that, why your colleagues are able to work in this screw up company for almost close to a decade? Have you ever been pissed with a new colleague that has recently graduated from university, which he barges into everyone’s zone with his high level of energy and “willingness” of indirectly creating more tasks for you?

Dream Job Wish List – Figure Out What You Were Meant to Do

If you are like most people you work because you have bills that need to get paid, but are you working at your dream job? The answer may not be so cut and dry because you may not even know what your dream job is. While working is simply a fact of life for most everyone on the planet, if you find your dream job and love what you do for work, it will be like you aren’t even working at all.

Work-Life Balance and the 7 Areas of Life

The first thing that you need to do to achieve work-life balance is forget about work-life balance. That concept suggests that there are basically two areas of focus for establishing a balanced life. The problem with that is that it is simply not realistic to lump everything that is part of your life as “life” and your work as “work”.

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