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How to Stay Stress Free in Stressful Situations at Work

Stress is a part of life. Working in information technology can come with high levels of stress. Deadlines for projects, working with difficult users, and late nights from being overworked can cause abnormal levels of stress.

Gaining Wealth From a Career in Sales

There are a few variables that mostly determine how much money a sales professional can realistically make at a particular job. Though, these factors do not live in a vacuum and, most if not all must be present to truly monetize a business development job to its fullest extent: Base Salary: every sales job comes with what is called a ramp-up period where the sales employee is busy prospecting for new business, but is starting from “0”, thus having no commission from sales coming in. For this, and a few…

Ready, Fire, Aim! Leadership Lessons for Women

Are there three things you’d like to accomplish in your career or business that for some reason or other you haven’t been able to accomplish? What do you think stops you from achieving these things? Not enough time, not enough support, information, opportunity, something else? Learn the top 3 ways to take immediate action and improve your results in the workplace.

Five Transformational Principles for Career and Life Success

Are you like many of my clients who question if reinventing your career, in today’s economy, is realistic? (Maybe one of the following scenarios is holding you back from pursuing the career and life you want). You are definitely underestimating what is possible for you. You are the CEO of your career and life and like any successful business taking time to reflect, renew or reinvent is key to your ongoing success and fulfillment.

Is Becoming A Real Estate Agent Right For You?

Being in real estate is not as simple as it sounds. I have been a real estate agent for 5 years and I have seen many agents quit simply because being an agent did not fit their personality. Some people just don’t work out as a middle man. Like people who can’t stand the sight of blood, some people just can’t stand to see other people cry especially at closings. These are people who don’t have the confidence to present themselves to people.

How to Land a Job in oDesk

oDesk is one of the best freelance websites of today. There are thousands of available jobs in the marketplace and the payment system is well-trusted by both buyers and contractors.

Hemodialysis Technician Certification

Hemodialysis is the process by which those with kidney failure must clean their blood of toxins, and this process is done in the presence of a professional with a hemodialysis technician certification. With this certification you will have the knowledge to operate the machinery that extracts toxins from the blood of those whose kidneys no longer work correctly.

Learn About Training In Fashion Design

Training in fashion design can be a wonderful decision to make, especially if you enjoy much of the industry. Generally, several types of careers relate to this field, and many programs tend to provide state-of-the-art studies that revolve around these career choices. In fact, you can learn over the internet or choose a program that is more structured and in a classroom-type setting. All in all, many find that this can be an exciting and beneficial opportunity in the long run.

A Career In Real Estate?

A real estate deal beyond just leasing or renting a property or housing unit can be an exciting experience. If you are the enterprising kind, it would surely cross your mind to try it as a business career. Salesmanship in itself is a very challenging profession. And if you are both lucky and persistently patient, you may develop skills that can bring you wealth beyond your wildest imagination.

Babysitting to Earn More Money

Babysitting and child care are easy ways to get more money if you like being around kids. It can be a learning experience for you and you can help your family and friends with childcare.

Hemodialysis Technician Certification – What To Expect And How To Get It

One thing is certain. People will always get sick, and they will always get older. That’s why job security is the norm in healthcare. There is a lot of room in the healthcare field and that’s why it is relatively easy to get hired as opposed to other fields.

Career Development – Forces That Changed How We Understand Career Development

The traditional way of understanding career development is to look at it as a single path trajectory of your work, starting from your first day at the new job as the lowest ranked employee until you move upwards by means of promotions to the highest job level in the company. You will get promoted because of your outstanding performance, and because through training and further education, you have acquired the skills, talent and knowledge that are needed to do the job.

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