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Resumes: Why You Should Stop Writing Them!

When was the last time you did a resume audit? Is your resume really working for you? If not, STOP writing them. Try a new resume strategy instead…

Can You Sell Your Management Skills to a Human Resources Manager?

The hospitality industry is a highly competitive one. Whether you are looking for a job as a Chef, restaurant or general manger, or are carving a niche for yourself in another area of the restaurant industry, job seekers need to learn how to sell their skills to the HR manager. There are many execution strategies.

The 7 WORST Things to Say at a Job Interview

Job interviews are nerve wrecking. Either due to poor job interview preparation, overconfidence or just sheer nerves, there are so many things that could go wrong at an interview. Namely wrong things that you can say.

Jobseeker Advice – Working With Recruitment Agencies

Understanding what recruitment consultancies do and how they operate is an important step towards your next career move. Candidates in general have a particularly bad understanding of the relationship between consultancies and their clients.

Top Reasons to Use Career Advice Services

Career advice services can help you to accomplish many different things. Consider using them to help you to get on the right track of success.

What If We Have It Backwards?

We think the tried and true path of getting a good education and then getting a good job is the pathway to security and safety. What if in today’s economy, we have it backwards?

Three Steps to Selecting a Handgun for Close Protection

Have you ever wondered what to look for when choosing a handgun? In this article we explain what we believe are the 3 key factors in choosing a sidearm.

Workplace Conduct and Etiquette – Attire, Cleanliness, and More

Working in one office with many people can be a challenge. Everyone comes to work with their own interpretation of what’s polite and acceptable. In a workplace, however, there are rules — most of them written in a handbook for easy reference, but some of them simply based on common sense and widely accepted social norms. You can help your career by following the best workplace etiquette practices, some of which are outlined in this article.

Relocating for a New Job

As the nation struggles to recover from the 2007-2009 recession and the ensuing tight job market, you may have been forced to take any job you can get, just to stay employed. Unfortunately, this may have meant accepting a position that would require you to relocate. How do you juggle a move to a new area and starting a new job at the same time? Read on for a few helpful tips.

Summer Camp Counselor Jobs

This article brings you details and information on working as a summer camp counselor at a youth summer camp. You will find information on what is required to work at a summer camp and what you can expect from the experience.

An Overview of the Role of an Office Manager

An overview of the role of an Office Manager is provided. This entails an outline of the necessary skills and type of training.

More Tips To Help Achieve Successful Interviews

Job interviews sometimes can be a mystery to many people. Nevertheless, success can be found by adhering to the right job interviews tips. By reading this article, you will know learn several tips that should more confidence in job interviews and lead to a higher chance of success.

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