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Your Own Employment Guide to Finding a Job

So you really want to start working? If you are more than ready to join the work force, here are a couple of things that you should do.

Are You Willing To Do What It Takes To Reach Your Career Goals?

Reaching your career goals means being willing to do what it will take to achieve them. Often times we think we know what our ultimate career aspirations are until we take a hard look at what we must be willing to do to get there. Do you know what you need to do and are you willing to do it? This article explores this topic of “willingness” further.

Career Plan Mapping For a More Secure Future!

You’ve been working for a number of years. You’ve moved rather effortlessly from one job to another and perhaps from one career to another. If you’ve had any periods of unemployment it’s been brief. Now however, at age 50 or beyond, you find you’re suffering from a malady that affects many your age; your career is just not what makes you happy. In the course of your working life somehow you’ve wandered off the right career road and now you find you’re lost. Here’s some ideas to get back on track.

Strategy 101 – Build Business Relationships Fast

Many careers have been catapulted to the top just because of strong business connections. But building useful relationships can be a slow process when you don’t know how to optimize your opportunities. Nurturing strong business relationships is an ongoing process that requires a well thought out strategy.

Aspiring Revenue Generating Sales Rep: 10 Basic Closing Tips That Ink Contracts

1. Act as if you don’t need the business. Desperate salespeople come across to the buyer as less effective.

The Benefits of Getting a Business and Personal Coach

Our busy lives are so crowded we often forget what really matters. Getting a business and personal coach is beneficial to help us balance things out. But because we are into believing that we can do all things alone appropriately, we end up neglecting getting one. We go on with our lives thinking we are perfectly doing things on our own way. However, we end up surprised when suddenly things which were seemingly perfect crumble on our feet. Some people receive divorce papers when they least expect them. Others find their children out of school and into drugs. Others just lose their much desired position to another person perceived to be of lesser competence to oneself. The list of unfortunate events can grow unless a person discovers that getting a coach can help.

Conflict Management And Motivating Employees: Why Should You Make Friends With Co-Workers?

Conflict management, motivating employees and collaboration techniques are the primary factors a business need in order to be successful in any business, and workers who can work together can mean the difference between success or failure. By making friends with co-workers it could reduce level of competition for the appreciation of the manager and help allay any suspicion that you are going to stab the other folks in the back to advance your personal career.

Why Exercise Is So Important To Your Workplace Health

Many people find that there is not enough time in the day to get everything accomplished. How is it possible that there are some people out there who can handle a full time job, family, friends, and exercise? It all really comes down to time management and motivation.

Massage Therapy Jobs – A Career Worth Pursuing?

If you’re looking for a rewarding career with decent pay perhaps you should be looking for massage therapy jobs. But a word of warning, it’s not as easy as you may think and in most states, there is plenty of training involved. Here’s what you need to know.

Serious But Common Job Seeker Dilemmas

  Many job seekers have similar problems that hinder their job search and push back their career progress.   Funny enough, the main deterrent that prevents people from achieving the results they desire from their job search is self-fulfilling: Paranoia that they will not get a job coupled with a steeply declining level of self-confidence can be a vicious circle.   Here are some common situations that lead to a rough job search.

What Not to Include in Your Curriculum Vitae

Did you know that there is such a thing as ‘over-share’ when it comes to applying for jobs? While most job seekers pride themselves in being forthcoming, there are certain things you simply should not include in your CV.

Owner Driver Essentials – People Skills for Success

Being an owner driver is a pretty solitary job, and that’s probably the charm of it for many. Imagine spending long hours on the road, just you and your rig, not having to contend with a boss breathing down your neck, listening to gossip at the water cooler, or simply having to get along.

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