How Much Does Ryan Upchurch Make on youtube

Caregivers Can Make a Better Retirement Life

Caregivers are in demand when we reach our golden white hair stage in our life. The family realizes this when one of the family members is aging & sickly and where they need much support and understanding. The children of aging loved ones, can cause friction in the household so the option in getting help is badly needed though they know that they can be taxed beyond their limits.

Top Career Paths For Military Personnel

There are many career paths a soldier can choose in this modern army: medical, computers, communications, mechanic, pilot, administration, journalist and so many more. Here are a few examples of how the combination of military education and real hands-on experience translates into the private sector career path.

How to Fill Out a Blank Employment Application

In this economy, thousands of people are losing their jobs and are in search of new ones. That means filling out lots of blank employment applications. Now you could try to start your own home based business franchise instead of getting hired by someone else’s. But if you’re committed to getting back into the rat race, let me give you some tips on how to complete one of these applications.

Adjunct Professor Definition

Being an adjunct professor is temporary because future courses are not assured. However, many universities have had a reduction in the number of regular faculty and these courses are being taught by adjuncts. This creates an opportunity for those who wish to earn a “living” teaching at the college level because you can teach at multiple colleges. In fact, an adjunct professor can earn significantly more money than can full-time faculty members.

Make Money Helping Others Lose Weight Naturally and Fast

Imagine being able to make money helping others lose weight naturally and fast by starting your own weight loss business for less than $100 with the same weight loss products being sold by several experts without breaching the law. I am sure this will excite you to your bones. It will interest you to know that an estimated 56 million Americans will go on diets this year and every coming year. The weight loss business is currently a booming industry with a lot of niche you can take advantage of immediately and still become wealthy within a very short time.

I Love Seth Godin

This one was about College graduates. They are not finding jobs. According to Seth, only 20% are being hired. He spelled out a plan for the other 80%.

It’s the High Time You Thought Outside the Box

The school of thought for most of us has been, once we are through with college to get a job, have a successful career and stick to it progressively, even if its’ not helping us achieve our aspirations. Reason being, it would appear suicidal to be adventurous. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Preparing For a Life With Multiple Jobs and Careers

In his ASU commencement speech this week, President Obama urged graduates to be prepared for more than one job or career in their lifetime. His recommendation was “to keep gaining new skills – possibly even new degrees; and to keep taking risks as new opportunities arise.”

Your Google CV and Your Resume-Portfolio

Building your Google CV is key to personal branding success. Find out more about your resume and Google CV.

Don’t Give Up the Job Search

If you’re unemployed and you give up looking for a job, you will not be alone. In economic jargon you will be a “discouraged worker,” and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were about 717,000 of those in the first quarter of this year. That’s a 70% increase over the first three months of 2008.

The Power of Job Search Social Networking

It is so very important that you ‘sanitize’ your online presence and make sure anything that you have posted on the web is within the realm of acceptable to prospective employers. Many actually use services that collect and aggregate social online information when considering applicants for positions, in order to get a sense of the person. This is a warning to the weekend social party animal that posts drinking photos online… this could be the reason why you aren’t getting any job offers! (Believe me, people do post that kind of stuff on there- I’ve seen it!).

Transferable Skills – Three Easy Steps to Changing Fields

Recruiters and human resources professionals understand that employees make successful leaps from one profession to another everyday. Your job is to make it easy for them to see how your outstanding past accomplishments (not skills) translate to a smooth transition into a new field.

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