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Tips For Passing Nurse Practitioner Examination

In order to become a certified nurse practitioner, it is compulsory for a person to complete the accredited program and pass the National Council Licensure Examination. Even if you have completed your master degree or doctoral program, you are still required to sit for the exam. Passing the board exam is not really difficult if the right approach is being used.

Essential Tips to Be a Successful Nurse Practitioner

Currently, there are about 125, 000 qualified nurse practitioners in United States. Many fresh graduates do not know what they should do in order to improve themselves. For these new comers, in order to become outstanding professionals in this field, it is important for them to unlearn and relearn. Here are some important tips I would like to share with you.

What Are the Core Responsibilities of a Nurse Practitioner?

In medical industry, nurse practitioners are known as professionals who provide high quality healthcare services like what doctors do. In certain states in United States, this group of personnel is required to work under the supervision of physicians or doctors. However, some other states allow them to carry out their tasks independently.

Becoming a Nurse Practitioner in the US – A Step by Step Approach

In United States, in order to become a licensed nurse practitioner, a person is required to possess a master degree or a doctoral degree. This profession has become one of the most prospective careers this year. If you have intention to join this line, here are SIX essential steps you need to follow:

Passive Income Business – What it is and Some Examples

A passive income business is one that requires very little involvement but rewards the income earner with an income that does not reflect their effort. Individuals who earn income from a passive business put an initial investment into the income source but do not have an active role when they earn the income.

Different Forms of Passive Income Opportunities

A passive income is an income that is earned by putting forth very little effort. This is what we all aspire for. Who wouldn’t want to earn more income than they have earned or put effort forth for?

Making a Career Change in Your Golden Years Not Impossible

For those of you from my generation. Do not shy away from something new. Do not be scared off by a career on the Internet. The following is my story and some guidelines for you to find your pot of gold.

A Dozen Career Management Tips

The nature of work has changed dramatically over the last 20 years — so have careers. In terms of the way we look at careers it is time to start thinking outside of the box. The standard working one’s way up the corporate ladder has been replaced by multiple career changes; and old corporate loyalty has been replaced by the need for workers to manage their careers and always be on the look out for new opportunities. This demands an entrepreneurial spirit managing your careers like a business.

Modern Job Reality – From Single to Multiple Partners

Job market expectations have gone through a metamorphosis over the past several decades. We now find ourselves in one where having one job long-term isn’t the norm. This article takes us through this progression and offers an answer for survival and thriving on where we’ve come to in today’s job market.

10 Warning Signs of Career Burnout

Career burnout is a syndrome marked by prolonged responses to chronic emotional and interpersonal stress experienced on the job. The common characteristics are: exhaustion, cynicism and inefficacy at work and in one’s personal life. Burnout is most common in the helping professions, amongst doctors, teachers and social workers. However, it is not exclusive to the helping professions.

Losing Your Job? Tips to Help You Prepare For Your Exit

When people get laid off, they have to finish their work as well as deal with their own feelings and the reactions of their family, friends and colleagues. Here are some critical things that can help before walking out the door for the last time.

Top 5 Tips For Landing Your Next Social Work Job

When developing your career path, you may find it helpful to think about a few things. You took the $13 an hour youth counseling job because that is the only one you could get at the time.

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