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Counsel For the Unemployed

As an owner of an employment opportunity business, I get all kinds walking through my doors. I get the guy that has been on the assembly line for 13 years and they closed down the business. I see the lady that has been working as an engineer for a huge company and now they are cutting back payroll. The young man that wants a temp job even walks through my doors at times.

Increase Your Yearly Pay

Are you tired of your dead end job? If you are looking for a way to change your life or your employment then you should take the time to read about how you can increase your yearly pay and throw all your money problems out the window for good.

Deal Cards at a Casino – Should You Be a Card Dealer?

More people are losing their jobs than ever. Lots of people are considering alternate career paths, or even additional training in other areas to ensure the best chances of finding a job in the future if things get rough. With the economic downfall many of us are looking for supplemental incomes through part time jobs. I believe if you are going to find extra work, it should be fun. That is why I think dealing cards in a casino would be great for a part time job.

Summer Law Internship – 7 Tips to Succeed

The summer internship is a way for the law firm to see how you fit into the atmosphere and lifestyle of the firm. Of course, its an opportunity for you to learn something and for the firm to get some (cheap) labor, but at the end of the day, both parties are looking at establishing a long term relationship.

You Give – You Shall Receive – Most Common But Most Forgotten

So what is the fastest way to make money? Let’s take a dive and a swim shall we?

Internships, You May Want to Try Them!

A look at the values of job internships and how they apply to career entry-level positions. A brief description of what they have to offer, and how they can be obtained.

Be Positive and Sweat the Details

Job loss reports that have hit the news the past months clearly show that we are deep in a job recession that likely will continue for sometime. The job market has become more competitive as more applicants contest for jobs. The person who sweats the details and is positive will win above all others. This article focuses on the importance of sweating the details to win interviews and jobs. It is about attitude as well!

Dream Job – 3 Ways to Turn Something You Love Into Money in the Bank

Not everyone wants to start their own business. But, if you would like to turn something you know a great deal about and enjoy into an extra source of income, start here.

Do You Need a Cover Letter?

What’s the value of writing a cover letter? Why do you need that if you are going to submit your resume? Does that not tell the entire story? A resume only tells part of the story, especially if you have something unique to share. Simply sending a resume is not enough. A cover letter IS important. No cover letter with your resume is like leaving your house with a shirt and no pants. You wouldn’t do that, would you?

Rehearse For Your Job Interview Performance

Confidence in a job interview is something you must build before that day arrives. It is not enough to be sure of who you are; you must know who the hiring company is, as well. That takes research and lots of thought about what information might be exchanged based on that knowledge.

Recession, Unemployment and You

Research indicates that the stock market, because it is forward looking, recovers well in advance of the bottom of a recession. Unemployment however, peaks in the 2-3 months following the formal end of a recession. So what are we to make of current events? Your job security only outgrows the strength of your intellectual and relational capital. Be the best at what you do and forge as many strong relationships along the way as possible.

7 Steps on How to Become a Dialysis Technician

A dialysis technician is responsible for setting up and operating dialysis machines and monitoring kidney patients since dialysis machines help in removing toxins, waste products and extra fluids from the patient’s blood. You can become a certified Dialysis Technician by taking up a Dialysis Technician training program. Here are 7 easy steps on your way of becoming a Dialysis Technician! Step 1: Learn about the job! You can’t possibly be a Dialysis Technician without knowing what a Dialysis Technician does. So the fundamental step in the way of a Dialysis Technician hopeful is to learn about the job. Step 2: Know the career duties A Dialysis Technician has to prepare solutions that are use to sterilize the patients’ blood before the dialysis treatment starts. She/he also has to record the blood pressure of the patient, his weight and vital signs both before and at the end of the treatment. Then, the patient’s condition has to be reported to a supervising nurse and physician, as the case may be. Also, a Dialysis Technician should be prepared to respond quickly during emergencies involving dialysis treatments. The job also requires the technician to clean up, sterilize and also maintain the dialysis machinery.

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