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Career Advice – 5 Ways to Research Your Dream Job Besides the Internet

If you have a something you love to do and you want to turn it into a profession, there are lots of ways to research it in addition to the internet. In fact, it’s a good idea to get out and about locally – you’ll learn more talking to people. And, it’s a great way to make contacts as you pursue your dream!

How to Raise Your Profile Within Your Organization

It’s common for me to get questions from folks in higher-level sales positions or semi-supervisory positions (maybe National Accounts Managers, etc.), maybe interviewing for Regional Accounts Manager positions, who want to know how to differentiate themselves so that they will be the ones who get tapped for promotions. There’s a lot of advice out there about these kinds of things, and certainly your sales performance has to be solid to even put you in the running. I provide custom consulting at this level, too, but to get you started, here are 9 ways to raise your visibility within your organization and build your personal brand.

Nursing Job Descriptions Are a Great Information Tool Used to Inform Nursing Students and Graduates

The article shows the use for nursing job descriptions. Another school year has passed and with this comes thousands of graduating students who are expecting jobs. This does not include nursing graduates because they need to pass the board exams to be able to become Registered Nurses.

What to Do After Getting a Raise

Hallelujah! You actually did it! You worked up the nerve to request the raise you deserve for being such a tremendous asset to your corporation and your boss responded, “Yes. You have earned a gigantic raise.” “Awesome! What do I do now?” you are probably asking yourself. There are plenty of fantastic things you can do for your boss in return. You are about to learn how to return the favor.

Your Personal Brand – A Career Advancement Must-Have

In today’s competitive marketplace, identifying and being able to articulate your personal brand is essential for career success. This article will help professionals in all industries and at all levels of an organization begin thinking about the skills, experiences and accomplishments that make them unique and stand out from the crowd. In the words of author and business management “guru” Tom Peters, who coined the term “brand you,” – Be distinct or be extinct!

Your Dream Job – Multiple Income Streams Versus Diversified Income Streams

A lot of people talk about having multiple income streams as a hedge against an economic downturn. But, if your streams are all in one industry, you might not be “diversified” enough.

Become an Expert in Your Chosen Field

People seem to be attracted to businesses that fulfill a very specific need. Clients are looking for a specific service for a specific reason. Just take a walk through a local mall and you will see many “specialty” shops that cater to a very narrow market. In the area of service professionals, you will find attorneys who specialize in certain areas of law. They may specialize in helping small businesses or personal injury cases. Generally the individuals who operate these businesses or deliver these services are experts in whatever they are delivering (or that is the hope of the client). How important is it to be an expert in your field and how do you become an expert in your field?

The Top 5 Ways to Stop Interview Nerves

An interview can be an intimidating experience. Partly because often you want the job very badly and thus you feel like you are going to walk away just a little bit of a failure if you don’t get it, and partly because you are putting yourself on display and will have to answer questions that you will have fired at you.

Top 4 Ways to Find Job Vacancies

When you are going about your search for a new job it sometimes pays to think a little bit differently, in order to get ahead of the competition. Here I want to examine five ways to find vacancies, from the well known to what I would call the more hidden vacancies.

Finding a Publishing Internship

College graduates wishing to enter the publishing industry often find themselves in the old catch-22 of needing a job to get experience and needing experience to land a job. Taking an internship while still studying can offer some of the real-world experience that employers so often demand.

Career Advice – 3 Steps to Barter Your Product For Advertising Or Publicity

Do you have a skill, product, or service that you could barter for advertising or publicity? You might be surprised! Use these tips to clarify your offering.

How Truckers Can Take More Money Home at the End of the Week

Everyone knows that truckers can get paid well. Why then, do you hear so many truckers complaining about not making any money? It’s mostly due to habits which end up costing drivers unnecessary expenses which eat up the drivers paycheck. This article will explain how to overcome those expenses and other ways to take more money home on the paycheck.

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