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Dealing With Stress in a Toxic Healthcare Environment

There’s no beating around it: working in healthcare is toxic to mental, emotional and physical health. It is almost impossible to avoid stress all together and it is almost a guarantee that you will get stressed in this profession one time or another, no matter how cool or composed you are.

How RNs Can Address Safety Issues in Long-Term Care Facilities

Long-term care facilities for senior citizens are designed to meet the special and specific needs of seniors-as when it comes to physical mobility, seniors are restricted. Thus safety measures in these environments are all the more critical.

Win a Full-Time Position From an Internship

A lot of the time it is not possible to go directly from school to a permanent job. An internship is just the thing to bridge the gap between school and your career. If you have the need to turn an internship into a full time job follow these tips.

Your Dream Job – 7 Questions to Define With Who and Where You Want to Work

Knowing you somehow want to turn something you love into your “dream job” or business isn’t enough to get the idea off the ground. You’ll need to continue to drill down, identifying more and more specifics until you’ve got a real job or business description to create. These questions will help you refine the Who and Where of your dream.

Resume Creation for the Beginner

Creating your very first resume is a task that feels overwhelming. You might already be feeling like you don’t even know where to start with compiling the information needed for a resume. Perhaps you learned in a life-skills class in school but that was several years ago and the information is no longer fresh in your memory. Don’t despair! Following is all the information you need to get started on making the very best resume possible.

How to Cope With a Co-Worker Being Laid Off

Dealing with a co-worker being laid off can be a disheartening experience. However, there are ways to cope with these situations so that both you and your co-worker can turn the “lay off” into a positive experience.

How to Become a Top Bartender and Earn More Money

Here is some great advice of how you can become a top bartender.There are many things you can do to make yourself standout. We will tell you 9 suggestions to help you become a top bartender.

Career Advice – 3 Ways to Create a Portfolio Career

What is a “portfolio” career anyway? How can you tell if that is what you want? If so, how can you make it work for you?

5 Reasons to Apply For a Job in Retail

Economic conditions being what they are, unemployment figures off the charts and businesses failing left and right, it’s important to know there are opportunities that are available. Retail jobs have had a bad name for years by those in the job market but it seems that there may be a misconception as there are many benefits to working in retail.

Ask Not What Your Employer Can Do For You

When the economy is in the tank and employers are struggling to survive, new college grads who have been recently hired would be wise to do everything they can to see that their employers remain strong and profitable. Otherwise, as things get worse and employers look for ways to tighten their belts, recent hires will quickly come to understand the term, “last in, first out.”

No Experience Required – New Study Questions the Value of Work History

Worried about finding a job because you have limited work experience? According to a new study, it turns out you might actually be better off.

Unemployment is Not the End of the World!

Few things sting like having your boss, or rather your now former boss, tell you that you are the newest person that can apply for unemployment. You have choices to make and your frame of mind is just not quite ready to make those choices.

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