How Much Does Sam Holmes Sailing Make On YouTube

Dress For Success – How to Make a Good First Impression at a Job Interview

First impressions are extremely important, so dressing correctly could make all the difference. If you feel that you look good, you will exude confidence and self belief, even if you are shaking like a leaf inside.

Strategic Career Tips #5 – The Cover Letter Cover-Up

The generic cover letter will keep you covered up and out of the spotlight. Is this where you want to be? This article will show you how to craft a Cover Letter that is influential, and positions you above the others. It can be as strong, if not stronger than, your resume. Similar to your cover letter, your Career Highlights Letter can sometimes take the place of your resume, and it should answer the question: “What makes you special and distinctive in your area of expertise?”

The Interview After College That Almost Cost Him His Dream

The problem is many of you students pursue college like you pursue high school, with the assumption that real success on one level guarantees you success on the next. What guarantees you success on any level is success in life, in yourself.

Finishing University in a Credit Crunch? Create Your Own Job

All students know that building up a CV is crucial to reaching the top of the CV pile in that FTSE 100 Company. However in times of economic downturn you need to prove your commerciality to a future employer.

What is a Database Administrator?

Database administrators are a vital part of all large modern organizations. What does this role involve and how can I enter this career?

Is a Career in Engineering Right For You?

If you desire a career in engineering and you are a conscientious student, then studying it at university level will help you achieve your goals. It’s a huge decision to pick what you’ll major in during college.

Interview With a Veterinarian About Becoming a Vet

Interview with Dr. E, DVM; the Veterinarian. Read an interview with a real veterinarian on the steps to take to prepare for a career as a veterinarian. Find out what you can do as early as 15 to prepare yourself and get into the best vet schools.

8 Tips on Dealing With a Job You Hate!

If your job makes you unhappy it’s OK to search for a new position. Of course you should never quit until you have something else lined up. After all, bills won’t stop no matter how bad your job is. In these tough economic times a lot of us have been forced to take jobs we probably wouldn’t if the economy were better.

Careers in the Real Estate Industry

There are many exciting opportunities in the real estate industry. You can enjoy a flexible schedule and freedom to work at your own pace.

Becoming a Bartender

Bartending looks like a great way to make a living. What does it take to do this? Am I qualified and what else do I need to know? Find out if tending bar is your calling and what steps you need to follow next.

Silk Ties and Job Interviews

As they say, first impression lasts. That may hold true in job interviews especially now that modern fashion has transformed even the business world. But still, know that human resource personnel still adhere to professionalism and work ethics. So do not show your funky and trendy personality yet; go and get yourself a silk tie and a job.

How to Build Leverage For Negotiating Substantial and Recurring Salary Increases

The employee who wants substantial and recurring salary increases must adopt a long term perspective. In this article, I tell you how to do it.

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