How Much Does Sam Ozkural Make On Youtube

Medical Transcription: How Do You Walk Away?

Medical transcriptionists often find themselves completely absorbed in their profession. In the last few weeks, I’ve heard from many MTs who talk about working more than one job, trying to juggle involvement in their professional life, and somewhere in between all of that, trying to take care of their family.

Top 5 Options for a Career Change After 50

Finding a new career after 50 is not impossible! Find out what the Top 5 options are for a career change after 50 and start living your life the way you’ve always wanted!

How To Become A Flight Attendant – What You Need To Know!

The friendly skies are full of flight attendant jobs if you have what it takes to fulfill the alluring position. Although there are flight attendant jobs out there you won’t be the only one in the hunt. The airlines hiring flight attendants are buried in applications everyday. Don’t be discouraged though because you can be the one that stands out in the crowd.

Truck Weigh Scales Can Be Your Friend, What?

A lot of truck drivers consider DOT weight scales as an evil enemy that does nothing but cause trouble, stress and added delays. From the Federal Government, down to the state and local governments, they all have weight rules and regulations in place to maintain safety standards. Normally the Department of Transportation…

How To Speak The Language of Career Change

Many would-be career changers ask: how do you successfully convey that your past experience and skills set is transferable to a new industry? How to translate the details is the crux of the career changer’s mission.

New Job in the New Year? Resume Tips You May Not Know

Looking for a new job now that the new year is here? Not sure how to create a fabulous resume or revise your old one? The information in this article, if used well, can help you land interviews you really want. Take a look at these tips and learn how to make YOUR resume stand out from the pile.

New Truck Driver Trucking Employment Options

As a new truck driver, you have many trucking employment options that you can choose from. As a new driver, you are probably excited to hit the highways and start your career as a trucker. Before you jump into a cab of a truck, you should take time to fully understand your options.

There Differences Between Trucking Companies!

Trucking companies vary and they offer different trucking employment opportunities. Being a truck driver, you have several different options when choosing the cargo that you haul. There are many trucking companies that offer similar cargo hauling options.

Medical Transcription Tips for New Graduates

It’s Tuesday, and a time for you to share your tips! This community has a wide variety of experience.

New Leadership Concerns for the 21st Century

Leadership concerns in today’s society. What factors will impact effective leadership? Character, use of technology, and personal improvement.

Get A Duke MEM (Master Engineering Management) To Get Into Management Consulting

2 huge components of the Duke MEM program – and in fact, of any big U.S. grad school Engineering Management program – are listed below. These are critical to get McKinsey and BCG type jobs in India. They are: academic performance, and great success at work. Beyond that, of course the GRE and TOEFL are important. Just like an MBA from a business school, they are not the #1 factor but would account for almost half of your chances.

How to Become a Business Manager – A Guide

“How to Become a Business Manager” explains various educational routes which help in your endeavor of becoming a business manager. The article discusses different business degree programs which enable you for the role of a business manager.

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