How Much Does Sam Sam The Adventure Man Make on YouTube

How to Manage a Virtual Team in Sales?

Teams that are geographically-dispersed or virtual, have now been used and studied for long time – yet we all still wrestle with how to get the virtual team right. We still struggle to meet the expectations of a few individual team members or at times, even the whole virtual team! I have personally surmounted the difficulties of dealing with wide-spread team members located across the states in Western India.

All the World’s a Stage and You Must Command It

All the World’s a Stage and anyone can be an effective speaker if you focus on these 5 things. Have you ever seen a speaker so “showy” that you felt you could exit the room and they wouldn’t have even known you were gone? And how about that “Industry Expert” that puts you to sleep in the first few sentences. It’s important that you have influence whenever you take the stage – no matter what size your audience might be!

Love What You Are Doing

Researchers say that if you’ve had more than ten jobs by the time you hit your mid-forties, you’ve had a pretty typical career. But here’s an important question: Are you choosing work you love?

How Do I Connect With My Boomer Manager? Workplace Advice for Generation Y

We continually hear how Generation Y wants the management jobs long before they are ready and the manner of entitlement they display. We hear about their lack of judgement and poor team skills and their fascination with using social media for personal connections while at work. But when we look back at the boomer generation, we should be reminded that the ‘me’ generation had ego issues as well. Boomers have been described as competitive, individualistic, and focused on themselves and their results. They define themselves by their job. Are the two generations really so different? Why are they struggling to get along in the workplace and what can Generation Y do to engage with their boomer managers?

Plumber Job Description For Potential Plumbing Apprentices

If you’re interested in a career in the plumbing trades, you’ll need to know what the typical plumber job description looks like! Let’s take a look at what a plumber does on a daily basis…

One Job Search Key That Will Open The Doors To The Hidden Job Market

Back in the ’90s, the hidden job market held approximately 80% of all opportunities. However, today, those numbers are way up: near 95% – especially for 6-figure executives. Stark statistics, yes. However, I’m certain that using the correct method, you most assuredly can penetrate the hidden job market and land the position that’s perfect for you.

Vulnerability + The Entrepreneur

How is being vulnerable a smart move in business? Small biz owners wear many hats, some of which are very heavy. Knowing the right time to ask for help in your business is simply good business.

Do You Attend School to Become a Real Estate Agent?

If you would like to know how to become a real estate agent, then you are in the right place! Before you sign up for any real estate agent training course, it’s important to understand what you training requirements are so that you are ready when you send in your application.

Our Next Housing Crunch Is Here – Become a Plumber and Reap the Benefits!

The last housing crisis was caused by easy credit. When house prices stopped going up, though, the bubble burst and prices crashed far and fast. The new, looming crisis was caused by the last one. When homebuilding work dried up, many professional tradespeople left the industry. This is bad for contractors but great for plumbers! Work opportunities are growing, and competition for jobs has decreased!

Resume Writing Tips – Stand Out In A Tight Job Market

Resume Writing does not have to be the daunting task that keeps job seekers awake at night. In fact, writing your resume should be an exciting time as it means you are about to embark on your new journey. The toughest part about resume writing is actually being able to market yourself properly.

There Are No Guarantees In Life Unless You Make Them!

In today’s society of instant gratification, everyone is looking for some sort of a guarantee in life. The cold hard fact is there are no guarantees in life. This article explains how one can guarantee success through determination and hard work.

Don’t Put Off Until Tomorrow What You Want To Do Today

Many feel as though they have all the time in the world to do the things that matter the most. In this article is covered a different perspective to the meaning of procrastination.

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