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The Physical Therapist Assistant Program

With the growth in the physical therapy field, physical therapist assistant programs are becoming more and more popular. The attractive salary and benefits that it offers and the uncomplicated nature of procedures involved in this part of the medical field, makes it a popular choice for graduates these days.

How To Become A Physical Therapist Assistant

A physical therapist assistant works with a physical therapist in providing treatment to people having trouble in performing their daily functional activities due to injury, developmental disorder or other chronic conditions that limit their mobility. They use various techniques, such as exercises, massages and therapeutic procedures to improve their dexterity and also monitor their progress for the same.

Getting Fired From Your 1st Job

Most of the time, when younger job applicants are fired from their first job, they feel that the firing was solely based on their inadequacy as business professionals. However, this is simply not the case in most circumstances. This negative thinking can send many younger professionals into a job search funk that is simply not necessary and can last for much longer than the situation warrants.

Deliberate Black Hole Tactics

After a mutually beneficial business connection, he spontaneously offered, “if you need anything in the future don’t hesitate to contact me.” He went so far as to name some of the things he’d be happy to be involved in, or help me with, and I made a mental note for future reference. It seemed more than an obligatory remark from this well recognized individual.

Top Careers for This Year

Every year, US News compiles a list of the best careers based on the Labor Department’s employment projections. This year was no different. Some of the jobs that made the top of the list:

5 Tips for Managing Your Boss and Selling Your Ideas Upward

There is one problem we’ve all encountered that can be simultaneously frustrating and disappointing. As an innovative leader and team player you present a great idea to your boss. But the boss doesn’t accept the idea or promote it upward through the organizational chain of command. Instead he or she is just indifferent, believes it isn’t doable or realistic, and says “No.” To help you succeed at overcoming this kind of resistance here are five helpful tips and guidelines. They are based on my own experience as both the person offering ideas and the boss across the table responsible for evaluating ideas with the best interest of the entire organization in mind.

Take the Rubbish to the Tip

Friday is rubbish day where I live. This morning the slick operation by the local bin men (who are some of the happiest & friendliest workers I’ve met) carried on like clockwork. So why am I talking about the mundane subject of taking your rubbish to the tip? Thoughts about the link between the process of coaching and rubbish removal were inspired by a tweet today.

The Benefits of Becoming a Medical Transciptionist

A future as a medical transcriptionist might sound quite boring especially since most people have never even heard of the field before. In fact, it might sound like it is related to becoming a pharmacist or a technician of some sort. However, this career is quite an interesting job that remains very important to the field of medicine.

Everything You Should Know About Becoming A Psychiatrist

Psychiatrists are the medical professionals not only detecting but also treating emotional and mental disorders in numerous patients. In most cases they are also authorized to prescribe medication and, depending on their sub-specialties, they can treat various patients with different problems, regardless of their nature. One of the first things you need to know involves the differences between this profession and a psychologist.

Never Let Your Boss Make a Mistake!

One of the very first things I was taught when I left school and started working at Arthur Andersen (before they were Accenture), was that you should never let your boss make a mistake. I’ve always appreciated that advice, and have tried to keep that in mind every workday for nearly the past thirty years – both as a supervisor as well as a staff person.

Why Pounds ARE Bad for You!

Almost daily we are reminded that weighing too many lbs means you are an unhealthy individual. We all put on and lose lbs from time to time; some find losing them easier than others. The media and society tell us that lb’s are bad. The media and society also inform us how to gain/lose these unwanted/wanted extras in our life.

Internships, Why Bother?

This is the time of year when students are finalizing their summer plans. Are internships a waste of time? How can they be used to help a student launch their career and become more marketable after graduation?

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