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Three Tips to Faster Career Advancement

Whether you are starting your first job and feel overwhelmed at what you need to do in order to have success or you are feeling unmotivated in your current job and feel like you aren’t going anywhere, you need to consider some tips that can help you advance in your career. These career advancement tips won’t solve all of your career challenges, but they will help you advance your career by practicing good work values.

Navigating Unemployed Obstacle Courses

Unemployed and getting no traction from your applications? Sick and tired of fighting an up-hill battle? Feel like you’re on an obstacle course for which there is no end in sight? This article will get you back on a smoother, better paced course and improve your attitude and outlook with solid ideas to enhance your job search.

Architecture Jobs – Landscape and Product Architects

Architects have a wide range of job scope and can generally be classified according to the type of product or structure that they work on. The design of a building has to do with landscape architect while product design and enhancement has to do with product architect. Architects are creative individuals who instill life into conceptual ideas.

Exploring a Variety of Nurse Practice Settings

Nursing is a helping profession that allows for application of skills in many different settings. Finding your nursing niche may take some time but there is definitely a practice setting to suit anyone considering or pursuing the field of nursing.

How Do I Become a Legal Nursing Consultant? Have a Dual Career

Many registered nurses are deciding to leave the stress and medical environment to pursue the position of legal nursing consultant, something that’s comparatively less stressful. Legal nurses work in the courtroom and assist legal teams with many, many areas of the law.

Employment Options – Finding a Job When Society Says You’re Over the Hill

Billie Burke said, ‘Age doesn’t matter-unless you’re a cheese’. I can vouch for the accuracy of her observation when it comes to cheese (and red wine), but I’m assured by those who’ve tried, that, when it comes to getting a paid job commensurate with one’s skills and interests, age really does matter. This article tests the ‘wisdom’ that age does matter and suggests some things that people who refuse to accept this wisdom can do to get the job they want and deserve.

Radical Leadership Ideas For Radical Career Progress

There are a lot of well known leadership and career-related rules out there. These are not them. These are a few of the most radical and incendiary ideas you will ever come across. Do you have the guts to try a few?

Few Important Tips on How to Become a Licensed Practical Nurse

The career prospect for Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) is definitely brighter in comparison to all phase of nursing. In coming next few years it is predicted that job opportunities will increase by at least 15%. Know how can you make career in this profession and why choosing a career as a licensed practical nurse can be your right career move.

Ingredients of a Successful Interview

Job interviews can be very stressful and unpredictable at times. One must be able to adapt to the questions presented to them and answer as naturally and as confidently as possible, even if the situation doesn’t warrant it.

5 Important Ways For Landscape Designers to Boost Their Employability

Landscape designers are generally known as landscape architects. Their main jobs are planning and designing for the location of buildings, roads, walkways, parks, residential developments, commercial centers, waterfront developments, facilities, etc. In order to be a successful landscape designer, there are some important steps that need to be taken to increase your marketability.

Why Become a Nurse Practitioner? Achieve Professional Goals

To become a nurse practitioner, you first must be a registered nurse with a BSN, and have completed the requirements for a Master’s degree in nursing with a specialization for nurse practitioner. There is no formal exam after that. If you want this designation, you can command a higher salary and have more responsibility to patient care and selection where you want to work.

How to Become a Nurse & Enjoy a Rewarding Career

If you have a caring attitude, and enjoy working with people, then you should consider a career in nursing. There are many ways to become a nurse, and getting a diploma is the easiest and takes the least amount of time. For those who have a desire to get the most out of this career field, a bachelors degree is highly recommended.

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