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How Do You Stay Motivated and in Action When Looking for a Job or Career?

One of the challenges of finding a new career or changing jobs is staying motivated and in action. What can you do to keep yourself motivated, focused, and in action toward finding a career and job you love?

Restaurant Managers Are Experts at Executing Plans

The first step to building a high profile career, and fast tracking your restaurant manager career then you need to understand what a goal is. This doesn’t mean a personal goal, a short term goal, or a career goal. You need to understand what a corporate goal is.

Maximizing Your Earning Potential in Phlebotomy

Phlebotomists are technicians tasked with drawing blood from patients and donors for research, treatment, and testing. They also explain procedures to patients, provide aftercare, label and process samples, and direct samples to appropriate departments for testing.

How to Easily Find a Job

Although the US unemployment rate as of November 2012 was reported to have fallen to 7.7% in November, the number of unemployed individuals still remained high at 12 million. Thus, it is clear that finding a job can be very difficult. Fortunately, there are some job hunting strategies that can make it easier for you to find work.

What to Expect As a Phlebotomist

Phlebotomists work on their feet for extended periods of time, especially when collecting samples. They also work closely with medical equipment needed to draw blood, such as needles and tourniquets…

What Should You Expect From the Resume-Writing Process?

The resume-writing process can be foreign territory for many job seekers. Here is a primer to help you make the most of the experience when working with a professional.

The Eight Secrets of Successful Public Speaking

The ability to deliver an effective talk is one of the most valuable skills you can possess. If you want to be a leader in school, public speaking is often essential.

Realities To Know About Moving Abroad

Some people plan to move abroad for many reasons. Generally, the thought of it excites many to the point that they fail to carefully plan its details. The glory it brings to a person’s credentials – as far as work experience is concerned – is remarkable. However, it entails a lot of responsibilities which might cause anyone to throw in the towel especially when there is lack of preparation.

DVDs and Online Tutorials Teach Students the Latest Style in Hair Cutting

The role of barbers is not limited to simply haircuts now. With men becoming more style conscious and realising the fact that a good hair cut can radically improve their looks…

Job Searching Tips For Soon To Be College Graduates

Have a Job Searching Game Plan: The job searching process takes time-months in fact, so if you decide this is the route you want to take after college, it’s important to get a head start senior year if you want to have a job lined up after graduation. If you’re not sure exactly which job types you’re looking for, make some time early during the year to figure it out. Schedule an appointment with a career advisor to hone in on your career interests, schedule a meeting with a professor to discuss career paths or set…

Is Information Technology a Compatible Career Choice With Motherhood?

A lot of women may be hesitant about entering a predominantly male field such as IT. While it had its challenges, the pros outweigh the cons in my opinion. It is a field that can empower women in many ways that I think women should consider. Whether they intend on having children or not, there are many benefits to be had.

Are Job Hoppers a Bane or a Boon for Organizations?

Are Job Hoppers a Bane or a Boon for Organisations? Most people who start their career just after completion of their education, in their mid-20’s, on an average, change jobs every 2 years or earlier. People in their 30s with stable and progressive careers do change jobs frequently as well and this change is much necessitated due to pressures, challenges, and aspirations and due to economic reasons.

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