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Teamwork – A Fundamental Building Block of Business

Every day, people have to go to work. Whether they like the business they are in or not will generally affect the way they approach it. There is one way to help assure that a person’s bad mood is not transferred from their personal life into the business world. Behold the power of business teamwork.

Top Business Careers – Where Do You Want to Be?

Everywhere you look, people are striving to do their very best each and every day. We all want to get ahead in the world. That is one thing that each business person has in common.

The Dilemma of Staffing Nurses

The demand for high quality, trained nurses is so incredible, that daily, hundred of nursing school students are hitting the books with only one goal in mind: Nursing. Whether studying to be a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) initially, or heading straight to nursing school, the course for new nurses currently being educated is not going to be an easy one. You might have just thought to yourself “But, why is that?”, and you would be correct in obtaining an answer.

Why Travel Nurse Agencies Are Recruiting More Than Ever

The profession of the travel nurse has taken on an even more important aspect: it is a certifiable fact that the average nurse, whose age is just over 40, will be retiring within a few years, thus creating even more nursing jobs that can barely be filled with the recruits of today. This potential crisis is slightly alarming. Ad to the fact that states like California now require a 5-1 Nurse to patient ratio, thanks to state-mandate, making it very difficult for hospitals and medical facilities to staff properly as well as meet the needs of their patients,…

Some Things to Consider When Thinking About Working For a Nurse Agency

An employment option for a nurse is to work for a nursing agency. The agency contracts with healthcare facilities and provide temporary nursing staff when needed. The assignments are temporary and can be anywhere from a day or two to several months. Most agencies require a nurse has at least one year of experience and the proper education and license. Licensing must be up to date at all times.

In What Ways is Your Career Contributing to Your Larger Destiny?

Early in our lives we are free to live out other people’s aspirations for us, but as we age some instinct deep within us presses us to mind our deeper selves and live by more authentic values. This means that being good at something isn’t enough when forging a career–substantial aspects of our work must also energize us and evoke our passion.

Choosing the Right Travel Nurse Agency to Obtain Work Through

For those considering work as a Travel Nurse, it’s important to connect one’s self with the right agency, in order to both obtain and keep work. A little like temporary agencies, these entities recruit nurses for short or long-term nursing assignments at various hospitals. Some of the reasons for travel nursing include open positions that need to be filled, new positions that come into play, coverage for nursing staff that is out, and other similar reasons.

Why Nurse Jobs Turnover – The Effectiveness of Being Treated Well

The world of healthcare seems to have a problem: high turnaround of nurses. Why is this so, one has to ask? The reasons, though oft times complex, are really quite simple, when you think about it.

Registered Nurses Can Do it All

Registered nurse is a fantastic career path and one that most little girls, at least in my generation, aspired. It takes effort, dedication and work to reach the level of registered nurse. To qualify for an accredited nursing school, one must have a high school diploma or GED. If you successfully passed a Licensed Practical Nurse or Licensed Practical Vocational Nurse program, you will qualify for an LPN/LPVN to RN or LPN/LPVN to Bachelor of Science degree program at most accredited nursing schools.

Create Your Own College Teaching Schedule With Online College Teaching Jobs

Many college instructors teaching on an adjunct basis for traditional college and universities are having a tough time earning a decent living these days. If you are one of these adjunct college teachers or if you are an individual with an earned graduate degree who has recently experienced unemployment after corporate downsizing, it is time to create your own college teaching schedule with online college teaching jobs.

How Career Coaching Gets it Wrong – Tips For Choosing a Career Coach Who Won’t Waste Your Money

What are the easiest ways to spot an ineffective career coach who won’t be helpful in moving you forward? This week I heard from a lovely woman in another state who shared with me a story about a career coach she hired this year. This coach, in the end, was of no help at all. I have to say, if I’ve heard this once, I’ve heard it one hundred times.

Legal Or Law Jobs

Legal jobs are difficult to obtain due to the competition around. Legal jobs in reputed companies pay a very good salary and amazing benefit packages.

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