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Administrative Assistant Responsibilities

There are many responsibilities that Administrative Assistant may be expected to do but there are several that are expected on a daily basis. If you’re interested in a career as an admin assistant learn what some of the basic responsibilities are.

Interview For a Job Guide – 5 Ways to Make a Good Impression and Get Hired

In order to get any job, a person must meet the qualifications of the job. The requirements are laid down to narrow the candidate list. But this is not the end. You will then be called by the company for an interview. This interview will then decide if you are eligible for the job by the directors.

Finding a Career As a Translator

If you can speak and write more than one language you may have potential for a career as a translator. There are a lot of different jobs out there for translators, some of them can even be done from home. Employers are hiring translators of all experience levels, as well.

Guerrilla Promotion

Regardless of budget, you could have a winning business. Search the best method for promoting your business. The goal is to choose the marketing opportunities that fit your budget. Advertising costs are calculated according to the number of people estimated to be exposed to your message, advertising budget will achieve more in a small town than in any of the largest markets.

3 Reasons to Quit Your Job

Here are 3 reasons to quit your job. I’m not sure that you would need to be told of reasons to quit your job as no one wants to work a full time job but, you want it so I’ll provide it.

How to Begin Your Career As a Sports Writer

Have you always wanted to be a sports writer but don’t know where to begin? Here are some tips that will get you on your way. Before you know it, you’ll be covering all of your favorite sports on a regular basis for a local or even nationwide publication.

Career Change Ideas – Finding New Options in Midlife

Finding good career change ideas which will fit in with your lifestyle isn’t easy. Take a look at some of the areas you need to consider before making your next career decision.

Seeking Self-Employment As Opposed to Seeking Work With an Employer in the Current Global Market

We will look at the current economic crisis and how starting your own business may be solution you are looking for. We look at franchises in the UK and how they can offer a great opportunity for the right person in the right location.

What You Need to Enter the World of Private Investigating

Private investigators and private detectives did not just wake up one morning, go out, and start doing this type of employment. In addition, even though this type of job sounds appealing it is not for everyone. A person that wants to get into private investigating must be prepared to work irregular hours and understand the work may be dangerous.

Finding the Right Recruiter For Your Job Search

Finding the right recruiter is essential for your job search is essential. Look for ethics and values first of the recruiter and his/her firm. Choose recruiters based on chemistry, competency,experience and knowledge of your occupational specialty. Work with no more than 2 or 3 recruiters, at one time, and if they don”t produce or you don’t like or trust them, then “fire them” and move on to new recruiter(s).

A Teacher’s Salary Vs True Compensation – Why I Quit Teaching, and Perhaps You Should Too

Teaching is a very noble and challenging career. Being a teacher goes beyond a job or a way to earn a paycheck, it becomes part of who you are. But, should you just quit? I did!

Building a DIY Fireplace Business

Opportunities present themselves in all sorts of ways. I know a man who started a fireplace business from a few online tools he found. He’s not a master carpenter or mason. His fireplaces aren’t major construction projects. But his fireplace business is so successful, I thought I’d share the details with anyone who thought they might want to give it a try.

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