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Little Things Can Add Up to Big Opportunity – Make Them Part of Your Career Development Process

So another year begins for you. How is 2013 shaping up? When a new year begins, it is common for many businesses to take stock of where they are relative to their plans, strategies, and goals. How about taking a chapter from their book and doing the same for yourself? Why not make sure you have a career development plan that makes sense – something with real short term wins that set you apart from your colleagues.

Compliment Your Degree With A Field Marketing Position

This article examines techniques on how to gain valuable career enhancing experience in the Field Marketing industry whilst studying for a degree. Something that can be acheived in parallel with your course. Providing real world benefits at the culmination of your degree.

Top Words and Phrases You Should Not Use in a Cover Letter

A cover letter is your introduction to recruiters, and as such needs to be perfect so that you make a good impression. The words and phrases that you use make a big difference in how you are perceived, so it is important to use the right ones. It is also important to remember that the recruiter will be reading it in his own voice and you do not have the benefit of expression. Here is our run-down of the top words and phrases to avoid in a cover letter.

Nine Things Employers Look For in an Interview

Un-cross your fingers. Now that you’ve landed the interview, preparation is the key to your success. Master these nine areas and you will ace the interview.

How to Determine That It’s Time to Look for Another Job

Many people would be loathe to look for another job, if they are gainfully employed during these recessionary times. We have daily news bulletins about frightening levels of unemployment in parts of Europe and the fact that many highly qualified young people are having to move to a different country to find a job. So why would you even consider moving away from a situation which you know is a secure as you think it can be, and where you know what is expected of you in terms of your duties.

Getting On With a Boss Is Easy

It’s not hard to build favourable relationships with a boss. Here you can find tips to achieve this.

Preparing Yourself for the Inevitable Job Change

Although work is just one aspect of your life, you won’t disagree that it can also give a definition of the kind of life you are living. Thus, if the job that used to satisfy you a lot can no longer give you the same happiness and fulfillment, perhaps it is time that you consider having a career or just a job change.

Working More and Stressing Less

Stressing over work? Chances are you may be hindering your own productivity. Take a look at why stressing less means getting more done.

3 Ways to Update Your Concierge/Private Practice Business Plan for Higher Sales

While you were busy building your practice, your local market or your patient-base may have changed slightly. Economics sure have shifted recently in almost every small town and suburb and how has your practice responded to patients watching their bottom-line even more closely than before?

The Various Benefits Offered By Companies That Recruit Graduates

The impressive performances of various companies that are specialists when it comes to recruit graduates have sought the graduates’ attention who are involved in the hunt of finding a right job. These companies not only match the best job with the best educational profile but also offer various other services that help the people to hone their skills and shape up their attitude.

Are Job Boards Worth Your Time?

I review the current relevance of job boards. I go on to recommend how they can best be used by job seekers.

Top 8 Careers With Degrees in Healthcare, Technology and Business

Who doesn’t want to be in an ideal career? After all, you spend most time of the day away from home working to make ends meet. Besides, recessionary times have made many wonder what job is the best in terms of security and lasting employ ability. Considering this, it seems like a great idea to go for a profession that not only offers good pay, but also good growth prospects.

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