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Business Opportunity – Administration Skills For Strong Productivity

Certain skill sets and primary entrepreneurial knowledge with values work for growth in a business opportunity. Professional development and continuing education seminars can be taken by proprietors to acquire technical expertise.

Secret Service Jobs Defined

“I want to wear a suit and walk next to the president…..” Is that what you are thinking? Secret Service jobs are a great goal… ….but it’s not a reality when you first start the job.

Are You Making a Real Impact – Why Not Start Today?

It is interesting to sit in a local coffee shop and hear about all the people who are worried about losing their jobs. Occasionally, you come across someone that actually has lost their job, and when you get to talking to them a little bit you feel like you understand why they no longer have a job. There is a big difference between entrepreneurs and employees in their attitudes.

Questions to Ask at Interview(s) – Three Questions to Get You Hired

Wonder what questions to ask at interview time? Yes, you heard right – you’re the one looking for the job but you should be asking questions as well as answering them. You see one key to demonstrating your ability to be a top performer in a new company is to be able to quickly come to mutual understanding with other people in the organization. Communication – how you respond to questions as well as what questions you ask (and how you ask them) is how effective people get projects accomplished.

Do it Yourself Career Development

With corporate downsizing at an all-time high and entrepreneurs and small businesses on the rise, many of us are finding we have to “do-it-yourself” in some areas where we might once have had help. Specifically, we have to actively manage our own careers including keeping an eye on our own training and development.

Should I Do a Post Graduate Management Program (PGMP) If I Want to Switch Careers?

We are not living in average times and therefore companies today are not looking for average people, nor are companies just filling slots these days; you know, the “round-peg, round-hole lateral-move game”? No, instead they are looking for standouts; and those few candidates who do standout are more likely to be invited into an opportunity than those who blend in.

What Advice Would You Give to Begin a New Job on the Right Foot?

Securing a new job is akin to a successful product launch. All the time spent running a well-organized marketing campaign and now the product is in the market. You’ve landed your new job! Now what?

Stay Current With Online Computer Training

This article talks about the importance of having computer skills and how they can help you get a job over someone else. Having the right knowledge and skills not only makes your job easier, but it gives you a little more job security than someone who doesn’t have the skills needed to do the job.

What Not to Do in the Office

Some of the most intolerable office offenses: 1. Eating your colleague’s snack: You’re at work … one month into the New Year, and you’re still sticking with your “Resolution Diet”. But today has been particularly stressful; you’ve already nervously gnawed your way through every calorie-conscious carrot and celery stick in your lunch bag … and *gasp* it’s only 3:00 PM!

10 Issues to Consider When Investigating a Travel-Business Opportunity

Looking for the best travel business opportunity maybe difficult with all of the choices online. With these 10 issues to consider before you get started, it will help you get started on the right foot.

Suggestions For Career Success in Alphabetical Order

Become successful at work! Learn steps to take in an alphabetical order!

7 Ways to Get Back on Track After Losing Your Job

Deserved or undeserved, getting fired is never a pleasant experience. Down the road you may be happy that your life went down a different path, but until you get to that point it is easy to get discouraged. We have 7 tips to get you back on track after losing your job.

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