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Building Your Business – Don’t Give in to Distractions!

A new business or career takes time to develop. Yet, distractions can cause anyone to give up too quickly!

Jobs That Survive Economic Downturns

Certain occupations survive even during economic slowdowns. In some cases, they may grow during tough economic times. These occupations might require some specialized training. But not college degrees. So put away that loan application. You won’t need it. The following occupations are worth considering for their accessibility and durability.

How to Earn a Dental Assistant Certification

Getting a dental assistant certification officially indicates your status as a DA. It is important as people tend to judge you with the certificates that you have. It also serves as a proof of your professionalism in providing quality service. However, sitting for an examination will always cause unusual anxiety to the candidates. Thus, it is better to equip yourself with enough preparations.

How to Earn a Medical Assistant Certificate

After you have completed your studies as a medical assistant, you ought to upgrade your status by earning a medical assistant certificate — Certified Medical Assistant (CMA). It shows that someone has been certified by the Certifying Board of American Association of Medical Assistants (AMMA). In fact, CMAs (AMMA) are more preferred by the employers since their credibility is proven. So, how to become a CMA?

Career Development Plan – Understanding Your Career Anchors

A career anchor can be thought of as a combination of self perceived talents, values and motivators that organize and give some context to our career oriented decisions. It is also very likely that career anchors provide us all with an important contribution to our own sense of identity. Career anchors do not appear to be something we sit down and choose at a particular moment in time. Rather, they appear to evolve slowly depending on our own personality, values, self image, and, of course, upon the experience that we have in life. Career anchors are particularly important in determining job satisfaction and, without a clear understanding of these, it is unlikely we will be able to maximize our enjoyment of work.

Eight Top Tips to Succeed When You Go Part-time

Some of the top professional services firms have recently been offering temporary part-time working to all of their staff. I hear on the grapevine that the take up for this offer has been very good and it has avoided the need for further redundancies. From personal experience, for it to be successful working part time takes time to re-adjust and a different mindset to working full time.

The Tough Interview Questions

A good interviewer will ask questions that will draw out your personality traits, strengths and weaknesses. The recruiter or human resources director has asked these behavioral questions to a number of people and knows the difference between an answer that is formulaic and safe and one that is engaging and forthright. I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and not play it safe.

Criminal Justice Careers in the Public Sector

Today there is an interesting growth seen in the demand for Specialized Criminal Justice Professionals. Hence, there is an increase in the number of people opting for a career in the field of Criminal Justice. However, before you embark on this career field, it is vital that you study and acquire the appropriate degrees.

What’s Involved in Legal Nurse Training? A Blending of Two Worlds

When you become a legal nurse, your background and training up to this point has been in nursing. As you begin this additional training, you are now exposed to the legal world and all of the ramifications.

What Jewelers Do

This article describes what jewelers do. It also compares this job with that of a gemologist.

How to Get (Almost) Anyone to Mentor You

Professionals who expect to succeed in today’s work environment must have that edge which sets them apart. But how can you get that edge, when you are feeling isolated and do not have a mentor or role model to guide you? Instead of waiting for the perfect mentor to come along, how about taking control of your personal and professional life by using Invisible Mentors to mentor you.

Building a Quality High Performance Professional Network in the “Knowledge” Economy

In the knowledge-rich society and professional world we live in, building a quality high performing professional network should be a focus for every professional knowledge worker. More than ever, we need to be connected and integrated in communities that provide mutual value. It is no longer enough to have a network consisting of all the people you meet at conferences, through work or at other events.

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