How Much Does Simply Mama Cooks Make On YouTube

Summer Clothes For The Office Debate

Although we are half way though summer, the debate on what is appropriate summer attire for the office is still raging. In a recent survey conducted by Opinion Research Corporation-a leading global market research firm with offices across the US, Europe and the Asia Pacific region – some very interesting and eye opening results have been documented. One thousand people aged 18 years and older were interviewed by telephone between June 22nd, and June 27th, 2011.

Five Workplace Taboos You Should Avoid

I have been in internal auditing for the last 8 years. I have seen how workers who have committed fraud have been meted with employment termination. However, less serious offenses that do not warrant termination have been committed by hundreds of workers. These offenses, which I also call taboos, are not “criminal” in nature but if not addressed, are equally detrimental to both the company and the employees.

What It Takes To Be a CEO

One of the most sought-after senior executive jobs is that of the CEO. Holding the CEO’s title may be very overwhelming – the power, salary, and the chance to be “The Boss.” Too bad that only a few CEOs are good finishers. Many CEOs do not know what their job should be. So, what does it really take to be a CEO?

Things Personal And Career Development Can Do For You

Wondering how you can ever obtain the profits you have always dreamed of getting for your business and personal life? Well, it actually boils down to just one thing – and that is; ensuring your consistent personal and career development. But what does this phrase really imply? Take a look at the other information this article will provide you so that you may gain a better understanding of what it truly takes to guarantee achieving a certain degree of personal development in your business. Here are just a few of them that you might want to look into.

Job Shadowing: Make the Most of It by Knowing What to Ask

Job shadowing is common among students, less so among adults who have been out in the work force for a while. But if you’re transitioning to a new job or career field, it can be a huge boost to your credibility and your performance in the interview. But you’ve got to ask the right questions to get the kind of information you’re going to need to stand out.

Find Interns With Free Job Classifieds

An internship is usually the first step into the career of many college graduates. Since most courses of study are rather theoretical, many students and graduates use the opportunity of an internship to learn the practice in a company first hand and gain valuable experience. This is why many students and graduates decide to conduct an internship before making an important career move.

7 Tips for Reinventing Your Career – Connect on Social Media

I was recently working with one of my San Francisco Bay Area executive coaching clients. We talked about his focusing on discovering a better sense of self including his core values and identity. He was energized and motivated to ignite his entrepreneurial spirit.

The Advantages Of A Degree In Security Management

If you happen to be considering a new career with an exciting industry which has a ton to offer, or even if you are starting your career change, you should think about getting a security management degree. The security business continues to grow by leaps and bounds. This specific growth does not show any signs of slowing down within the near future.

5 Tips For Surviving A Missed Opportunity

Opportunities are like buses, there’s one coming by every 10 minutes. The problem is you can’t get on every bus, and there is no magical formula for knowing which bus is the right one. So, you make the best guess, step out and grab on only to realize that a different bus would have gotten you there quicker and better.

From Medical Assistant to Home Health Aide

Considered working as a Home Health Aide? This interview will take you through the ups and downs you can expect in the position, what it takes to land the job, what you can expect to earn and more.

Career Advice: What Should I Do, Where Do I Go?

Many people that have followed their dreams and actually began their careers, have become disappointed only to realize it has led them to a dead end street. Now because of the economy, several of the careers that were lucrative when the people started out have now begun to gradually fade away, finding them selves embedded in something that’s immobile.

An MBA in Downturn Time: Does It Make Sense?

If recession is a sickness, then MBA degree is a health-tonic that gives you power, mental stability to fight against it. It makes you good manager; leader who can lead the team through rough phase.

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