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Changing Career in Latter Years

Quite a lot of people find that after several years in what started out as a fulfilling career, things starts to get rather stale and especially if they had not bothered to update their interests/skills along the way. Added to that is the pressure put on by recent failing economies.

Medical Receptionist

Becoming a medical receptionist can be a truly rewarding experience. Medical secretary assistants are currently in high demand all across the country due to the aging baby boomer population. Being a medical secretary can prove to be a truly rewarding and satisfying career, a medical secretary assistant can expect to earn a good living in a career field rich in diverse job opportunities.

Medical Receptionist Course

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a very strong and positive outlook for medical receptionists and assistants with high employment growth expected over the next ten years. This is good news for individuals considering a career as a medical receptionist or assistant and would like to take a medical receptionist course to get certification or for those who simply would like to get their foot in the door of an already existing and expanding health care industry. If you’ve already completed training and received certification from an accredited college like the medical receptionist course to become a medical receptionist…

M&A Jobs – A 360-Degree Approach to Prospecting Boutique Banks

360-degree thinking is an increasingly popular method of improving effectiveness from the manufacturing floor to workplace culture. It recognizes the importance of decision making that involves and impacts all levels of an organization. In 360-degree job hunting, we focus on impacting all levels of your position sphere – the job position you are targeting and opportunities above, below and parallel to it.

Important Handshake Etiquette

Handshake etiquette is more significant than you might assume. After all, it is well understood that first impressions are an factor in interviewing and in just about any other social situation. And a satisfactory handshake is absolutely a part of your first impression.

Career Change Success? 4 Tips For Guaranteed Success

Change and the resistance to change is enough to keep you tied to that job you hate. Economic uncertainty is also a perceived threat to many. While the financial gurus are telling us all to take charge of our financial futures, we’re still stuck.

5 Ways Your Attitude Can Cost You the Job

You have been successful, so far in your job search because of your presentation thus far. Don’t let the following five actions display a bad attitude to the interviewer. Based on your attitude the interviewer could decide not to hire you without you even saying a word.

How to Write a Good Introduction (Cover) Letter

Cover letters are the introduction to your resume. They announce your interest in the position the hiring manager is trying to fill.

How to Get That Job Fast

Help employers to get what they want and you will get what you want. One of the fastest ways to get a job is to do unpaid work experience at a business where they are very busy or have problems. First you need to identify what their business needs are.

Organising Your Business

Well in Australia we are one month into the new Financial Year and school is starting very soon in the States, so there will be some quiet time coming for North Americans. Now is the time to get your business organised! Take some time to get your working environment in top shape.

Career Change – Got a Question?

Making a career change can be a painful process for some job seekers and career changers. Recently, I was contacted by Antonia G. who was making a major career move.

The Jobs That Pay the Best

Here is a list of some of the highest paying jobs and their impact on your time. The time commitment for a CEO is rigorous. Some sectors will allow you more free time than others, but if you’re looking for ample free time, stay away from this job.

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