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Strategies For Executives Seeking an Industry Change Without Breaking the Bank

Changing industries can open up a broader range of opportunities for executives who want to reinvigorate a stalled career, seek to combine their skills and interests in a new arena, are stuck in a dying/declining sector, have limited options in their desired geographic location, or are impacted by the increased outsourcing of operations overseas. According to a study by the New York-based Association of Executive Search Consultants, nearly 50% of the executives surveyed are searching for brighter horizons by considering an industry change.

Networking For Introverts

For many who have lost their job or are beginning to search for a new position, the very thought of seeking new employment-let alone networking-can bring feelings of anxiety. Clearly it can be difficult for anyone, and it’s especially true for those who are shy or introverted.

Using Sales Strategies For an Effective Job Search

Are you conducting and managing your search efficiently or effectively? Once you realize that your job search is actually a sales campaign, and you implement a sales and marketing process, your results will change dramatically.

Bring Back That Smile on Your Face With a Job at Sears

It has been quite some time since you have smiled. You sit the whole day with a sad look on your face and most of your time is spent wither in sleeping or in brooding. You hardly go out to meet your friends and relatives and even miss out on parties that you used to attend with regularity. A visit to the doctor reveals that you are suffering from acute depression and the main reason for the same is a feeling of instability. For quite some time you are unemployed. Just a few months back you had one of the best jobs that one could dream of, but all that has been shattered due to your job layoff.

Compartmentalize Like Nadal

Today Rafael Nadal won his 5th straight Monte Carlo Masters on Clay. It was an incredible match where once again he was too tough, too focused, too smart and too prepared. In order to pull this super human feat off though he had to win 4 matches in 3 days against 2 other top 4 players.

5 Steps to Navigate Your Next Career Transition

Navigating a successful career transition is more often than not a challenging proposition. But greater career satisfaction is a reward you should strive for, no matter how dire the short term consequences may seem. So put aside your fears as you get ready to pursue your dream job.

Mortgage and Banking – Booming Trend That Can Help You During These Difficult Times

Interest rates might be low right now, and the Feds make special adjustments from time to time out of desperation to keep the mortgage and banking industry on its feet. But at the end of the day, we know that these factors are just temporary solutions. It’s like a band aid. It only covers the sore that still exists. We know that for the mortgage industry to make a legitimate comeback, the real estate market has to make a legitimate comeback first. That’s how it works and has always worked. Anything different just means that it’s a stack of cards without a solid foundation, or like the foolish man that built his house upon the sand.

Leadership Skills and Your Career

Leadership skills are most times not taken into account when one is dealing with his or her employees. To be an effective leader and have more influence on your followers, one must posses various leadership skills. For instance, a good leader is a person who is able to initiate action amongst people.

Changing Careers – How to Do it Successfully

Everyone is changing careers these days. Teachers become financial planners. Airline pilots buy fast-food franchises. Middle managers learn to write software programs and sell them at trade shows. The list is endless, and for good reason. There’s no excuse for sticking with a career that you no longer enjoy, aren’t good at anymore or has been taken away from you.

Car Sales Reps – Automotive Sales Professions Are Finding New Careers and Opportunities

Tired of getting the same results from doing the same old thing? If you want different results you need to take different actions. Besides, the automotive industry is slowing down and it will be even harder to continue making sales. You might have to double your efforts to only make half the money. Is that what you want?

Car Sales – Tired of Working 60 to 70 Hours Standing on a Concrete Lot?

Consumers are getter smarter and harder to sell. It is just too easy for them to find what a car should be worth when it is new or used. There is an easier way to go about selling…

Automotive Sales Reps – Are You Sure You Want to Keep Selling Cars?

Why is it that you have decided to sell automobiles for a living? Is it because you are passionate about a certain make or model and just love sharing that with others? If so, good for you. But if you are only selling vehicles because that’s all you have ever tried to sell and are not really sure of what else is possible, I will let you in on a secret…

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