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Changing Your Career Tips and Advice

Changing careers is a part of life.  As young adults we consider what we want to be when we grow up.  We might even go through college with that same goal in mind, but sometimes reality just doesn’t live up to our dreams or we find that we are better suited for something else.

What Are the Most Exciting Jobs in the World? 3 Cool Jobs Worth Pursuing

There are a lot of exciting jobs in the world waiting for people to discover them. So what are the most exciting jobs in the world? This article reveals 3 of them.

Are You Ready to Move UP and OUT?

Compared to where we were, it wasn’t very exciting to move to a new city. No friends. No babysitters. No church family. No high school buddies. Familiarity has tremendous value and it’s not easy to give up. For my family, it was hard to even think about moving. An office 200 miles south with employees we barely knew, not much excitement was showing on our radar screen.

Attn – Read the Labels Before You Drink the Career Advice

With the creation of blogs has come a wonderful opportunity for people to become better informed on a variety of topics. Just visit and you’ll find a ‘magazine rack effect’ of blogs on almost any subject you can think of. In fact, when you click on the careers tab, you’ll find plenty of content providing advice. However, not all of it is worth taking. Blog readers beware! Some online writers aren’t giving accurate or sound advice. Here’s why…

How Proper Dress Can Increase Your Persuasive Power by As Much As 40%

We live in a society where appearances are important, therefore proper dress is crucial. Many of us like to think we dress properly and stylishly but are we always making the right impression for the right event with our clothing? I’m sure you have probably heard the term “dress for success,” But just how much of that is actually true? In this article I will show how crucial it is to dress properly and just how powerful proper physical appearance is to being persuasive.

Differences Between US and UK Bar Work

One of the great things about working in a bar is that unlike other industries, the skills you gain can easily be transferred to just about any other country in the world. However, while the technical and social parts of the job might not change much, there are a few things to look out for if you’re considering taking a bar job ‘over the pond’.

Where’s the Best Place to ‘Tend Bar’?

When we think of the term ‘bartender’ it’s fairly understandable that the first thing that comes into our heads is the everyday local bar. However, if you’re looking to find a full or part time job selling drinks, there are a couple of other places you should consider that offer a similar salary.

Five Reasons Why You Should Choose Bar Work

It’s obvious to anyone that’s ever been to a bar that many stay open late, open early and do their best business on holidays. This is great news for people who are looking for a job that can offer them a selection of different or alternative hours. If you choose to work in a bar close to where you live, you have the opportunity to not only work your own hours but also cover shifts for other people. Overtime is likely in bars, so often just because you’re down to work for 10 hours a week doesn’t mean you can’t choose to work far more often.

Oil Rig Jobs

The oil industry employs a lot of people every year. If you ask any of them, which type of job would they love to do the most, the unanimous reply will be: the oil rig jobs.

The Three Smartest Things You’re Not Doing at Work – Yet

The neurotic economy has given us all a bit of madness, and our paralyzing environment is making us forget all of of our hard-earned smarts and enticing us to play dumb. The author offers three ways we can take our smartness back by doing some of the things we’re not doing at work right now.

Getting Started in Your Career As a Real Estate Agent

Are you planning to venture into a real estate career? Don’t let the present economy discourage you. Even though the country is experiencing some setbacks, it does not mean that people are not in the marketplace buying and selling real estate.

Absorb Yourself in Others – 10 Tips For Effective Face-to-Face Networking

It’s funny. I’m pretty sure if I did a poll amongst working folks these days, after death and public speaking, the next thing they fear most is networking. It makes sense really because networking is public speaking in a one-on-one format. We’ve all heard the phrase, “You only get one chance at a great first impression.” So, the pressure is actually on us before we even walk into the big meet-up. Moreover, as I’ve pointed out before, the additional pressure to answer the question, “What do you do?” in an impressive manner makes us even more stressed out.

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