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Event Planning – What Type Of Business Is Event Planning?

Many individual think that event planning is a very sensational job, however only the people working in this type of business know how much hard work they have to deliver in order to provide effective results. It takes a lot of time, dedication and skills to run this business successfully so if you are not prepared then you can choose another field for yourself.

Executive Challenge 4

As a senior manager or executive, you’re constantly faced with making difficult decisions. Most of the time, you can make those decisions based on experience, on financial analysis of the situation, on input from a colleague or your boss, or even perhaps based on pure instinct. But once in a while – and this happens to us all as executives – you are faced with a truly gut-wrenching decision that simply has to be made, and there doesn’t seem to be any “right” or “obvious” choice anywhere you look.

Three Steps You Can Take Now to Launch Your Career Transition

Being happy and fulfilled at work is possible, yet it remains an elusive dream for many. If you believe you have more to give than your current job expects of you, and you long to be happy at work, explore these three steps to get you thinking – and preparing – for a career transition.

Predicting Your Future

What would a column on career development be without a discussion about your future? For millennia people have been fascinated with methods of predicting the future-tea leaves, tarot cards, astrology, psychics, palmistry-the list goes on and on. In fact, when I Googled “ways of predicting the future”, I got more than 52 million hits, which was two million more hits than “ways to develop your career”!

Courage and Your Career

Many centuries ago it would have been easy to identify someone of courage. You would just have to look for people with lots of scars from sword fights, perhaps a few missing teeth from battle and probably a very stern look about them. The first person who comes to mind for me is Jan Zizka, the 15th century Bohemian military leader who fought under various rulers and who, in 1420 at the age of 60 and blind in one eye, led the Taborites in several important battle victories, even after losing the sight in his other eye.

How to Find the Job You Really Want

Assumption: You already know your skills and talents, and now you’re looking for the best place to apply them. Goal: To find the most effective and efficient way to identify potential employers and to meet someone at those employers who can make a hiring decision regarding you. There are three key elements to this simple process: Focus, Discipline and what I call the List of Ten (L10).

Event Planning – Is Event Planning Industry Likely To Flourish?

Today the event planning industry has extremely outgrown and people can find many different posts in this area. This is one of a modern concept because only some couple of years ago, people was not aware of it. If someone had to arrange a party or corporate business meeting back then, they had to arrange everything themselves. Beginning from deciding the place to the food items on the menu, they had to take every decision. Some people might enjoy organizing their parties on their own, however it is a very difficult and lengthy process and you are not certain whether you can please your guests for not. Moreover, now people have become so busy with their difficult professional and family lives that it has become impossible for them to arrange any type of event.

Are You Overqualified?

Recently, a friend mentioned that during an interview, a company told him that he was “Over-Qualified” for a role that he was very interested in. Has this ever happened to you? If so, what was your reaction? What did you say in response?

The Importance of a Kick A** Mentor

Achieving success with an Online Home Business is certainly very possible. There are a number of great programs out there and many ways to get your message out.

Requirements In Earning An X-Ray Technician Salary

A lot of X-ray technicians are needed today not just in the United States but all over the world. So what does it take to be in this profession? How much can one expect when it comes to an x-ray technician salary?

Why Keep Looking For Another Job For Financial Security? 4 Key Points Why You Should Ditch The Job!

The first thing that most people will do after they have been laid off from a job,is to continue to look for another job for security. This might be conventional wisdom, but it only serves to keep you poor.

5 Tips for Avoiding Obsolescence in High-Tech Jobs

How does one stay proficient and relevant in an ever-changing and ever-advancing technical work environment? These 5 helpful tips provide insight into how to avoid becoming obsolete.

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