How Much Does Slothy Vlogs Make on YouTube

Volunteering: Help Others And Help Your Career!

You will achieve positive personal and career related results way beyond money by working in something you believe in. You will help positively impact the lives of others and this should be no surprise, volunteering can also assist you in your career. Here are six strong reasons how this activity could help your career.

Action Is Essential To Career Success

Are you working on your career goals regularly or just thinking about them? Are you moving forward a little bit every day or waiting for the right time to begin?

Becoming a Competent Medical Administrative Assistant – 4 Tips to Go

Completing a diploma program or an associate’s degree program in medical administrative assisting is not sufficient to prepare you to become a skilled professional in the medical field. There are many skills you need to touch up in the real working environment. Let me share with you some useful tips which you can apply to make yourself more competent.

How to Become a Successful Medical Office Assistant

According to the Occupational Information Network, there are 2 main types of duties a medical office assistant needs to perform. Some personnel are required to perform administrative duties while some are required to perform clinical duties. In some small organizations, the assistants have to perform both. In order to become a certified medical office assistant, a person has to complete an accredited program that includes a supervised internship in an ambulatory care setting. At the same time, he or she is required to pass the formal examination.

Top 5 Industries to Make a Better Career Choice in Columbus, Ohio

A comprehensive review of the top five industries to better help you make educated career choices for employment in Columbus, Ohio. Top choices include industries such as healthcare, food service, customer service, IT and real estate.

Considering a Career Change Over Forty – 5 Bona-Fide Ways to Ensure You Will Not Waste Your Time

Contemplating a career change over 40 was not what the doctor ordered! If you are like most people you can vividly remember graduating from college and landing your first job. You visualized yourself retiring old, weary, broke, and gray. However, like most people it was a job and it paid the bills, at least…at first. Read below as we uncover brutally…

Career Planning: The 10 Minute Solution!

Career planning for a successful future takes time. Yet this is precisely what too many people cite as why they don’t have a robust career plan. And if they have a career plan it languishes in the closet gathering dust. Why, because somehow they do not have the time to take proper steps to turn their career plan into action. Are you taking enough time to properly build your career plan? Taking only about 10 minutes a day to build your career plan will mean you’ll save additional time over the life of your career.

Criminal Investigator Job Description: Not Just Fingerprinting

Criminal investigators been given the responsibility in intensively probing criminal cases in the hopes of solving them. They gather sufficient proof to prosecute suspects with the help of either physical evidence, eyewitness and other possible sources.

How to Become a Nurse Informatics Specialist

You may be interested in nurse informatics degree programs if you are interested in integrating clinical nursing with computer processes and data management. Highly organized and technologically inclined individuals can excel in the nursing informatics field-if they are also able to use these skills alongside their clinical expertise and caring bedside manner.

Veterinary Technician Colleges – Start Building Your Career Today!

Any profession requires certain knowledge, skills and training. Undoubtedly, the profession of a veterinary technician also needs proper training while following a correct veterinary technician plan. In order to become a really professional Veterinary Technician an individual has to go through two major difficulties on the way to accreditation; to complete a formal academic course during two or four years, as well as to cover a state-administered certification.

The Top 3 Industry Associations for Phlebotomy Careers

There are three top industry associations for phlebotomy careers that phlebotomists tend to turn to as students and professionals. They are the American Phlebotomy Association, the American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians and the National Phlebotomy Association. It is important to know these industry associations if you are working in this field or thinking of studying to go into it, since they will offer everything from your required certification exams and related study materials to job placement help and assistance with ongoing education.

Steps to Specializing in Cardiac Sonography

Specializing in cardiac sonography is an excellent choice if you want to go into the medical field as an ultrasound technician. As a cardiac sonographer, you will be trained in the anatomy of the heart and know how to operate the equipment that is used to assess the heart and blood vessels in order to diagnose and treat patients.

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