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Why It’s Probably Not Worth Going to University Any More

I’ve been thinking recently, if I was a fresh-faced 18-year-old just out of college with my whole life ahead of me and pondering what to do next, would I go to university? The answer is probably not!

Understanding LinkedIn Recommendations

Social networking is a powerful force in the business world, and LinkedIn is the largest social network in the world designed exclusively for professionals. With new members joining nearly every second on the day, it is a rapidly expanding network where professionals can connect with others. Making the most of the recommendations feature is essential in making the best impression.

The Concerns Phlebotomy Training Learners Have To Deal With

If you know for sure that your ultimate goal as your career is to enter the medical profession but you do not know what to choose because there are so many options, phlebotomy training may be an option for you to start at. There are things you have to know about before you even commit to doing your research because it may be a waste of time to start looking more into it.

How To Write A Perfect Cover Letter

Preparing a highly targeted and personalised cover letter and you are already on your way to a brand new job. Obviously, you will need a professionally written resume also! By impressing the reader (hiring professional) and they will enthusiastically move onto your resume.

Resume Tips for School Leavers

School leavers often struggle to get a job soon after they finish school because they don’t know how to do a good resume. This article will outline some general resume tips for school leavers that will help them nail the job they want.

The Art of Following Through

Too many times I have encountered new entrepreneurs who have excellent business ideas, but lack the dedication to follow through with their predetermined goals. What most fail to acknowledge is that though starting and operating a successful business does indeed require a good idea, there are other factors more important to the overall project. An idea is only the first step on a road that is often just partially traveled before the journey is abandoned.

Q – What Is A Surgical Technologist? Answered!

A surgical technologist is a medical health professional who provides invaluable assistance to surgeons in every surgical operation. Surgical techs, together with surgeons, surgical assistants, registered nurses, and anesthesiologists, form the core surgical team that saves lives in the operating room. They are also called surgical technicians, surgical techs, operating room technicians, or STSR (Surgical Technologists in Scrub Role) which, in hospital parlance, is simply referred to as scrubs”.

Five Great Money Making Opportunities for the College Graduate

Today, one must find more ways to increase his income. Read on to learn more about money making opportunities that even fresh college graduates can try.

A Career in Cosmetology Awaits You

If you have turned 17 and wondering what career to choose, then a career in cosmetology is an option worth considering. This is a career opportunity in which jobs are always available for trained and licensed professionals, and the growth outlook is projected to be high, for the next decade or so. Pay initially starts at around $11 to $15 per hour a median income of about $23,330 per year.

Police Officers and Video Cameras: Communication Skills Are Your First Line of Defense

Video cameras and unauthorized videotaping are facts of life for officers today. Communication skills can help protect officers from charges of unprofessional conduct or excessive force.

Getting a Mining Job

Almost daily we are asked about how to get into the Mines in Australia. The common perception is that there is big money to be made and almost everyone knows someone who is apparently making large amounts on a weekly basis. This article will show you what you require to enter the Mining Sector.

Stop Being A Victim In Your Career

I know what it feels like to be trapped in a career. You dread going to work, but believe you have no options. You dream of greater things, but don’t know or don’t believe you can get them. You feel hopeless, powerless, and alone. What’s missing is the bigger picture of where you are headed. Without a destination, you are like a leaf on a tree going where the wind takes you, rather than being the tree that stands strong despite the weather. A destination helps you weather the storm. In addition, you aren’t trapped in the day to day anymore because you know where you are headed.

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