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Career Advice For Your Midlife Crisis – 7 Tips

Midlife crisis often comes with a career breakdown. Career advice can be hard to find — because your biggest challenge involves a threat to your identity.

Career Advice – Money Management For a Major Career Crisis

When you’re facing a major career crisis, it’s hard to evaluate prices. I like to draw an analogy with getting a flat tire in the middle of the night. You haven’t bought tires for years and have no clue about what’s realistic. Sometimes a high price means good value. But sometimes you just pay a high inflated price.

Buckle Your Seat Belt: 8 Career Planning Steps to Help You Over the Rough Spots

Navigating the career course is like driving a car. When you get in a car you usually do two things: first you decide where you need or want to go and then you buckle your seat belt for the ride. Any career search needs a plan, this article gives you 8 steps to start you on your way.

Be Careful Where You Get Career Advice

Many people look to the wrong sources for career advice. Here are some examples of common sources of vocational guidance. They are not as reliable as you think.

Job and Career Advice: Your #1 Job Responsibility

Demonstrating that you provide real and tangible benefits is one of the major keys to a great job and career. By extension, it’s your resume’s or CV’s #1 responsibility to explain how you can “Make your next boss’s job easier”!

Career Advice for Women: Girls – Flirt Your Way to the Top!

We’ve all heard about the ‘casting couch’ and most of us wouldn’t go as far as sleeping our way to the top, but is there really any harm in fluttering a few eyelashes and the odd provocative comment to get ourselves noticed at work?

How to Become a Personal Fitness Trainer

Becoming a Personal Fitness Trainer can be very profitable. You goal is to keep your clients from getting bored with their exercise program. Your job would be to motivate them to continue their training. Statistics show that Americans are physically unfit even though they spend large sums on exercise equipment and memberships in health clubs.

Do You Really Want Your Own Business?

The ideal of being your own boss is very attractive and casually asked most people would say, “yes to be my own boss would be great.” However, it needs to go farther than being the ideal. Having your own business is super. But what is it that you are really setting out to achieve?

Career Planning Advice: Avoid the 10 Success Killers!

One of the key insights into alternative and non-traditional strategies is that employment success follows the same rules as business success.

Career Counseling Advice: You Gotta Sell Yourself!

You have to sell yourself so people get a powerful snapshot of you . . . one that makes them sit up and pay attention to you!

Business Career Advice: Stop Feeling Guilty About Time Off!

Taking a break can help you feel less burned out. It can help you organize your life goals. Most people don’t realize that taking time off–guilt free–isn’t as difficult as it might seem.

How to Become an Event Planner

Some of you may be wondering why learning How to Become a Party and Event Planner would be of interest to anyone. But, if have always dreamed of owning your own business and having the freedom that comes along with it, then you will definitely be interested in the event planning industry. Worldwide, the annual sales generated in the party, business, and event planning industry exceed $500 billion dollars (Source: International Special Events Society). Anyone entering into this industry has a wide range of options available to them and a huge market to tap into.

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