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A Bright New Future

If you are alive, you are facing a bright new future. It’s as simple as that. Sure, the economy is crumbling and we face a myriad of financial problems that haven’t been seen to this extent since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Unemployment is at a 14 year high.

Money For Medicine

As the job market continues to decline and wealth continues to dissolve, people need to take stock of their situation. If you are one of the unfortunate ones who must make the hard choice between medicine and food, it should be clear to you that something needs to change in your life and in your career.

Spotting the Three Major Warning Signs That Your Job May Be in Serious Jeopardy

With the way the economy is killing off companies and thousands of jobs, it is vital that you should see the warning signs before the axe falls. You may have no power in saving your present job, but you can be proactive in preparing for making a career move. Here are three big warning bells that you should never ignore.

Career Management – Mind Your Personal Brand

One aspect of career management has much in common with the concepts of basic branding and advertising. You need to find a way to distinguish yourself from the rest of the pack, and then figure out how to manage the way you’re perceived.

Marketing Through Service – How to Keep Your Job, Get a Promotion Or Find a New One

In today’s uncertain world economy, with major corporations in serious financial trouble, and laying off employees, how safe is your job? How safe is the company you are working for? These can be stressful times for everyone.

How to Become a Firefighter and Get Hired by Any Fire Department in the Country

Making the decision to become a firefighter can lead you to an exciting and rewarding career. But, today’s fire service jobs are very competitive and in order to stand out from the crowd, aspiring firefighter candidates need to know the insider tips and tactics to landing a full-time firefighting position. This article, written by a professional firefighter of over ten years, provides some practical and useful insight on how to successfully enter into the profession.

Trucking Jobs – Why Driving a Truck is Recession Proof

Learn why trucking is a lucrative and stable career. Let this article be your guide to help you succeed.

The One Investment to Make in Your Career For 2009 – A Career Coach

The job market has been hard hit by the recent recession, and sadly there’s really no end in sight. What is the average Jane or Joe to do to stand out in the crowd of qualified applicants? How is one to create that something “extra” on their resume, or highlight just the right spot in their background to be the right candidate for the right job – no matter who else is applying? Where do you begin if you’ve been downsized from one of the toughest industries (can you say real estate)? A Career Coach can answer all of these questions (and a few you might not think to ask). This is absolutely the one investment in yourself that everyone should make in 2009.

How to Find Your First Nursing Job

Once you have qualified to become a registered nurse, your next move is finding your first nursing job. The nursing industry is one of rapid growth fields that can provide you with a bright future. However, there are many different job positions and job functions in nursing careers, which one suit you the best?

Recruitment Agencies – How Do They Work?

Basically a recruitment agency is a bit like a dating agency in some ways, except they bring people together in the field of employment, rather than finding them the partner of their dreams. What happens is that the agency acts as a conduit between employers who want to fill positions and people who are looking for employment.

10 Interview Questions Relating to Yourself – Who Are You?

Often at interview you will be asked questions about yourself, so it is worth knowing some standard questions and preparing answers for them before you attend interview. Any recruitment agency will tell you that the key to interviews is preparation and confidence, as well as experience and qualifications, so do yourself a favour and swot up before the interview.

What a 4 Year Old Can Teach You About Managing Your Boss

This is true: My 4-year old is gifted at managing up. Does she work? No – but as I see it, right now, I’m the boss and she’s an employee in our family firm. And I’ve noticed that she’s become quite adept at getting what she wants from upper management. Please know, I’m no push-over. I stand my ground on the important issues like ‘no popsicles for breakfast’ and ‘socks are not optional when it’s 2 degrees outside.’ But on the fuzzier stuff, I must concede that she’s mastered the art of persuasion. So, it occurred to me that we could all learn from her expertise. Consider these three techniques as performed by my pint-sized employee…

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