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Free Career Assessment and Getting the Job You Are Not Perfectly Qualified For

One thing that almost all job hunters are scared of is to be told that they are not the perfect fit for the position the company is hiring for. This is a good explanation to why a lot of job seekers intentionally set the limitations as to what jobs or positions they are going to apply for. In short, they just want to avoid rejection.

Your Natural Strengths Reveal the Way

So many people stumble into their careers. So many people I talk to, myself included, had their career chosen for them by their parents. “Go to school and study this.” Or they choose something in college, just to make a choice. Then they need a job, so they take the first thing that comes their way. And their whole career unfolds that way. But there is a better way to create a career you love. Your natural strengths show you the way.

How Recruitment Agencies Can Help You Locate The Right Fashion Jobs

There are lots of job opportunities within the fashion industry. Be qualified and have the right talent so as to get the right job that suits you.

What Did I Just Say!?

Discrimination against employees, colleagues and customers runs rampant in today’s society. Granted, it is much less than before as companies, governments and equal rights groups make great strides to educate workforces from any walk of life to be sensitive to other people’s ethnic background, gender, religious beliefs and more.

Social Media: A Key Tool in Employment Search

This explanatory text demonstrates the importance and productiveness of social media platforms in a job seeker’s employment search process. Here, the candidates can know how to use social media to boost their chances of winning the desired job opportunities.

How to Remain Motivated When Undervalued

People are the world’s greatest resource – in day-to-day life, in relationships and in business. Unfortunately, however, if you have not already, you will encounter times when they are not cherished as the precious jewels they are in the work setting.

5 Proven Skills to Help You Become an EKG Technician

Are you interested in making a difference and joining a growing industry? Find out if you have the skills to become an EKG Technician today!

Pursuing a Career As a Dental Hygienist

Have you ever wondered exactly what a dental hygienist does? Learn how and why you should become a dental hygienist in todays highly diversified and competitive job market.

How to Get a Job in Project Management?

Looking for a career change? Interested in getting into Project Management? Learn more about how to be a Project Manager including employer expectations, salary bands and qualifications needed.

Quit Your Job and Do Something Different

Do you like your job? Have you ever wished you could quit your job and move on to a better place? Most people have had a job that they either disliked or plain out hated, some of them have chosen to move and others just stay, if you are in misery, do something different.

Job Tips: What To Leave Off Your CV

CVs need to grab the attention of employers immediately, so don’t be fooled into thinking that you’ve got the time or space to detail non-important information. Your CV needs to be well-written and to the point – here’s what to cut.

How Does A Heavy Accent Stop Your Career?

Does your voice contain hidden meanings? Many times when speaking in public people are unaware of messages that their voice may be conveying. Speaking too fast, speaking too softly, speaking with a heavy accent, these are all issues that public speaking may present. The individual is unaware that they are being understood. These can be preventing the person from advancing in their career.

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