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5 Lessons You Can Learn From a Pink Slip

Being let go from a job is devastating for some and liberating for others. For those who have put their heart and soul into a company and thought they would retire there, being laid off can be a body blow to their self confidence and can make them question their employment prospects. For others, being laid off can be a blessing in disguise because it can force them to reassess their options and contemplate a different career path than they would have otherwise chosen had they not been let go.

What Drives a Vet Tech?

We all know that work requires a bit of sacrifice and effort in order to succeed. But do we sacrifice too much for our career? Are we paid what we’re worth? Vet techs face this struggle every day.

What Happened to Your Career?

With the significant changes to the world of work – increase in part-time, contract, project assignment opportunities and decrease in the traditional full-time for 10 or 20 years type of employment – means all generational cohorts need to be agile, flexible, and creative when it comes to seeking job opportunities. Couple this with the fast pace of technological and communication changes being developed each year, and the pending exit of the majority of leadership incumbents (Boomer cohort retirement), and it will become increasingly more challenging to predict the type of positions that will be available and the types of competencies required over the next couple of decades.

Nine Reasons to Enter the Massage or Bodywork Industry

I wanted to compile a list of nine reasons one might want to enter the massage or bodywork field for people who are contemplating entering the profession. There are myriad reasons, and I’m sure every therapist today could give you a different list ~ shorter or longer. I will concede that there are certainly more than nine reasons, but after pondering for a long while, I thought these nine points would best answer the question I posed to myself many years ago, “What are nine reasons to enter the massage or bodywork industry?” Ten is such a cliche number which is why I chose only nine.

What Job Ideas Are There For Policemen Who Have Retired?

Serving your community as a Police Officer is a very noble profession. However, what will your second career be after you retire from the Police force?

Jungle Rules: Finding the Organization or “Herd” That’s Right For You!

When a person doesn’t fit inside an organization that doesn’t mean that they don’t have value or are less personally important in the long run of work and life interests. Sometimes the person just needs to find a different “herd.”

Retirement Plan Consultants

PDFs are not created equal. Too often, they are comprised of proprietary funds that restrict fiduciary oversight, and proposed DOLE regulations will add transparency, but won’t affect a plan’s underlying strategy.

The 6 Biggest Blunders of Job Applicants

With an uptick in hiring expected this year the combination of those trying to get back into the workforce and those currently hired but wanting new positions will mean that hiring competitiveness is likely to remain high. But not every job seeker apparently knows how to compete. Common complaints can be heard from company interview teams, HR personnel, and recruiters about what job applicant behaviors lead to rejection.

Things to Consider Before Enrolling in a Life Coach Training School

Deciding where to enrol for a life coach training school is not that simple and of course we would like to get our money’s worth. The coaching industry is relatively a new industry compared to others that is why you may become a bit apprehensive about entering a life coaching school, but not to worry here are some tips on what to know before enrolling in these training schools. Make sure that you know what kind of curriculum the school offers.

Keep Your Job Network Alive

Many years ago I worked for a large national company in Minnesota. I had been at this company for over 10 years, as had many of my co-workers. One day, we came to work and learned that our company had been purchased by an out of state (Washington) employer.

Freelance Job: The Basics on Home-Based Phone Support

Home-based phone support is a thriving business that offers great job opportunity without workers having to leave their homes. It also provides solution to companies that need phone support but does not have the manpower to meet the need.

Freelance Job: What It Takes to Be a Voice Talent

The Internet has brought forth so many opportunities. This includes the chance of establishing a new career, such as online voice talent.

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