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How to Move From an Engineering Position To Project Management In 10 Easy Steps

Without a doubt, the most secure way of progressing from a technical role to project management is via the PMP certification route. During your training, you will learn the technical skills necessary to get you to the top and keep you there. Possessing the PMP certificate is a clear statement to both employers and your colleagues that you have attained a high standard in management and that you are theoretically capable of putting what you know into practice.However, a PMP certificate is only theoretical because being a good project manager is not just about knowing what to do, it’s also about being able to communicate, motivate and delegate. Consequently, working hard on raising the bar on your interpersonal skills and your emotional intelligence will give you the practical ability to convey your PMP instructions effectively and instill in you the ability to be a true leader on your project.

Making It Easier to Make Good Decisions!

Decisions, decisions, decisions… Many people find it hard and sometimes impossible to make decisions. They end up living with decisions that someone else made for them. Learn how to take back control and make well-researched decisions.

Interested In Becoming A CNA? Can You Pass A Background Check?

Many employers do perform a background check on potential employees so it is not out of the norm for CNAs to be required to submit to a background check before becoming employed. Some CNA training classes may also require a background check before enrolling in a class which makes sense since it is pointless to enroll in a class, pass the certification exam and be denied employment based on something in your background.

4 Of the Worst Ways to Apply for a Job

Every day, my recruiting firm gets hundreds of resumes. For our team they are hard to get through, but we don’t have to really look at every one, which keeps us grounded. Many job seekers make it much easier on us (and for fellow job seekers going for the same job) by making mistakes that seem like common sense should prevent.

Don’t Forget the Influence of the Influencers

You have been called into a company for an interview, perhaps even more than one. You have met with your prospective boss and the two of you have definitely connected and you are sure that he likes you. Perhaps at this point you believe you have a good chance to receive the position.

On Being A Woman In The Technical Workplace

How do you survive as a woman in the technical workplace? This article will show you that you can be a woman in a man’s world.

What Is a Private Phlebotomist Contractor?

Phlebotomists are regarded as clinical laboratory technicians, and their main responsibility is to collect blood. While most phlebotomists are employed by hospitals, others may work in laboratories or other settings, or they may become private phlebotomist contractors.

Things To Consider When Starting A Business – Walk Before You Run

Starting small and thinking big are ways to achieve financial success. Making your business big depends on how solid the foundation is. Mistakes can cripple a big business with weak foundation. Making a solid foundation is not achievable overnight and so is getting rich. You have to work it out. Build a solid foundation. It is better to stumble while walking than to drop on the floor while running.

How to Become a Bartender – Top 10 Characteristics of Great Bartenders

Want to become a bartender? Then you’d better acquire these 10 traits of a great bartender so that when your opportunity comes you will be ready to wow the bar owner, manager, and your guests.

Professional Career Help for Growth of Career

Joining a professional career counseling organization can be an excellent move for a person who is serious about getting career help. These organizations basically help an individual determine his career goals, make plans to achieve it, identify one’s skills and interests, and most importantly find appropriate jobs.

Career Changes – Think Before You Take a Decision

One of the most common reasons why people want to make career changes is because they are unhappy with their current job. However, before putting in action your decision of changing the job, you may consider giving some time finding the reasons for this unhappiness. There may be chances that this reason of unhappiness can be worked out within the same company.

Career Change Series – Tip 3 Use Research and Networking to Obtain the Right Contacts

In Tip 1 I discussed writing your ideal job description and researching potential companies who may offer such a role. Now you need to narrow your list of preferred employers to 1-3 companies and do some research and networking to find out the best way to contact them. There are a number of ways to do this: Check out their website, many companies these days will have their own recruitment section with positions advertised and contact details for the Human Resources Department.

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