How Much Does statikleo Make on YouTube


How Much Does statikleo on YouTube (estimated)

You’re probably not alone in wondering How Much Does statikleo Make on YouTube. For most people, it isn’t a matter of life or death whether he makes 22k or 36k a year, but it is interesting to see how much money people make from their YouTube videos.

So let’s take an estimate at his annual earnings.

Statikleo’s Estimated Annual Income: 24K/year (rounded up)

To figure that out we take his estimated monthly income and multiply by 12 months. We’ll be using statikleo as the example for this article because he has been around for a while and seems like not very secretive when it comes to telling what he makes. Plus I couldn’t find any other YouTuber in the top 100 that had information on how much they made available publicly.

What is the average income of a Youtube celebrity? What is the relative standing of this average to that of statikleo?

First we need to find out how much the average YouTuber makes. So we take the total amount of money that YouTube, Google and partners paid in advertising revenue and divide it by the total number of YouTubers that made 1k or more from ads. The result is $2.40 per 1000 views (K views). The relative standing for statikleo would be $1.30 per 1000 views since he has 36k K views a month which puts him at #1 on our list for this article.

Now let’s figure out how much his income could be based on what percentile he is at in monthly income vs other YouTubers:

Statikleo Monthly Income Percentile: 100%+

How to Earn Money on Youtube Like statikleo

If you have plans on using YouTube to make money, it is important that you know How to Earn Money on Youtube . You need to do your research and see what works for others before entering into the platform.

Before even getting started, you should watch statikleo I TRIED EARNING MONEY ON YOUTUBE FOR A YEAR… (My Mistakes & Lessons Learned) . It will give some insight as to how much work it takes and what the lifestyle might be like.

But if you just want to get started with the basics of getting into YouTube, What You Need To Know About Starting A YouTube Channel will help.

The Most Profitable Kinds of Videos for Affiliate Marketing

Here are some ideas on The Most Profitable Kinds of Videos for Affiliate Marketing based on statikleo and what he does:

PC Hardware Unboxing & Reviews (side note: this video is in French in case you didn’t know)

How to Sell Online Courses Using Amazon Associates

Articles with Stats, Trends and Graphs

These kinds of articles are great lists that can make a pretty penny when the right people stumble upon them such as How much time do we spend on Facebook? or How Much Money Do YouTubers Make?. There is currently no way to search by keywords, but there might be soon! ch this video to Learn about Earning From Youtube Without Creating Your Own Videos

>>>>>Check out this Video to See How to Earn on Youtube without Creating Your own Videos

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