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Can’t Find a Teen Job? Why Not Work For Yourself

If you are a teenager and having trouble finding a job this summer, why not try working for yourself. Finding a job as a teen has many challenges, you may not be old enough, you might not have enough experience or you may not have reliable transportation. On top of these challenges, there are so many adults out of work right now that they are taking jobs usually held by teens.

Career Assessment to Match You

Getting a career assessment is a great way to match your personality, skills and interests to a potential career for you. There are now specific career assessment websites which aim to help you with career planning, job skills, choosing a college major and even career changes. Regardless of your situation you will benefit from looking into a career assessment.

Leadership Secrets For Great Boss and Manager Relationships – A Checklist For Managing Your Boss

Are you working in a company or law firm where managers do a good job of managing their boss? Do you have a collaborative working relationship with your boss that fits both your needs and personality styles? Does your company or law firm have boss-manager relationships that are open, honest and build trust?

Surviving the Economic Crisis – Can Flexitime Save Jobs?

We all face difficult decisions in the next few years, regarding how we work and the way we work. not only to improve productivity, but to ensure competitiveness and retain employees in the coming economic downturn. Is flextime the answer?

Overcoming Career Fears

Are you going to work everyday wondering if you will have a job or not? Is your financial portfolio disappearing? What about retirement – do you see it in your near future?

Increase Your Value – Protecting Your Job Responsibility From Being Outsourced

Today, employees are far too complacent. Now more than ever, the salaried workers are forced to take a hard look at their own value on the job before they face retrenchment. This is the reality all salaried employees need to contemplate in order to survive the modern employment environment.

Business Writing – An Essential Part of Your Professional Portfolio

How you write your business correspondence can directly impact your professional profile. Here’s a quick check up to make sure you are projecting the image that you want out there.

Six Three-Dimensional Career Paths

No one follows a linear career path, even if we believe we do then once we analysis our own career movements, we find that the majority of us have differing models of careers. Identifying our differing models of Career development is essential, if we consider the future trends in the workplace.

The Road to the Top

Today, a military commander can reach a top-position within the military after following long formal training and education in military academies and staff colleges (Sandhurst, West Point, US Army Industrial College and the like). After many years in the service and proven abilities (mostly in times of peace) he rises in rank step by step and then the opportunity might come to command larger field units like a regiment, a brigade, a division or even an Army Corps. It is often a slow bureaucratic promotional process. Senior executives in the world of business reach their elevated position in a number of ways.

Six Ways to Fit Individuals Into a Suitable Career Path

Fitting Individuals into a Career, could mean the difference between success and failure for people who are still unaware of their natural career path. So how can we determine our natural Career path?

7 Tips to Protect Your Job During a Recession

You don’t need telling that we are going through a pretty rough time at the moment It is impossible to open a paper or turn on the TV without becoming aware of the worsening financial situation. The collapse of Lehman Brothers has demonstrated that few of us are totally protected from the effects of the downturn and for many this means that our jobs could be on the line. That can be a frightening prospect if your company is on the skids there may be very little you can do about it.

Running a Business From Home – How to Earn Money Online

How to earn money online. The keys to running a successful online business from home.

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