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Career Change

Some people go through a phase in their lives where they want to make a big change. Change is not something that people should be scared of. It is actually something that people should look forward to.

You Interviewed Well, So Why Didn’t You Get the Job?

Here we provide the six most common reasons as to why one didn’t get the job that they wanted. This article is true for all industries. We also give you a new acronym to use when approaching a new position or interview.

Are You Approachable in the Eyes of Your Peers?

Personal branding is important in our everyday life at work. We want to portrait that we are a productive and approachable worker in the office. But is that the case all the time? Have you wondered why your peers were approach any colleague for help instead of you? We have the answers for you here.

How to Get an Internship in a Translation Company

With thousands of people graduating from universities, colleges and other educational institution, without solid work experience, you may find yourself in a catch 22 situation: no one wants to hire you without experience but how do you get the experience if no one wants to hire you? Working as an intern will often give you a great advantage of experiencing the real world and being able to include it on your CV.

My Boss Always Rejects My Ideas!

Have you always had all your ideas being rejected by your bosses? You get worked up and fire your complains to your colleagues at the pantry of how stupid your boss can be. At times, you ponder the real issue your boss is uptight about? Sometime, you are just clueless of their rejection. There are 9 reasons why your bosses reject your proposal. It is not something of complicated rocket science and is easily understood.

Shiftwork Fatigue – Going Into Work Wearing Two Different Shoes!

If you suffer from shiftwork fatigue then you might relate to the following story. You see, as shiftworkers we are prone to suffering from constant fatigue – in fact it is something that we battle with each and everyday.

Get Your Foot in the Door

This article is going to explain about my experiences in getting a job in the IT industry with no experience. I will tell you what helped me the most.

Your Career & the Holiday Party

Chances are you have already heard advice to avoid drinking too much alcohol at the company Christmas party. You have maybe even observed the results of co-workers that did imbibe too much. Hopefully you haven’t personally experienced this career stopper.

How to Not Hate Your Job, Or at Least, How to Hate it Less

Do you hate your job? Do your skills, talents, and strengths not align with the company culture? During times like these it may be tough to make job moves. What do you do?

Interviewing For a Psychology Job

Preparing for a job interview in the psychology field includes learning proper interview skills and dressing the part. Interviewing for a career in the psychology field is not unlike any other field in terms of basic interview etiquette.

Steps on How to Get a Career in Journalism

So you wish to turn into a journalist. You wish to either write for newspapers or cover events live and have your report broadcasted all across the US. Although these industries are basically in identical realm, they are very different from one another. In fact, individuals who wish to get into the each of the industry will need to develop an unusual set of skills in order to make it. Here are just a few of the steps that you need to take in order to get a career in journalism.

Why Older Workers Will Get Hired – 5 Tips

Despite the negative press about age discrimination and the “gray ceiling”, there’s one inconvenient truth that should cheer those workers over 50 who desire to keep working: demographics. According to a report just released December 11th from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more older workers will be entering or remaining in the work force.

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