How Much Does Sunkissed Mama Make On YouTube

Getting Back to Work After a Sabbatical

After spending six weeks on the road this summer while taking a sabbatical from my job, I was curious what it was going to feel like to go back to work. I’ll admit it, after about five weeks, I was starting to get anxious to be back in the office.

Top 4 Requirements to Having a Reliable Hotel Career

Hotel careers are now in demand not just in the country, but all over the world. That is the reason why problems on how to find hotel jobs is not a major concern anymore. Most of the parents, nowadays, tried very hard to convince their sons and daughters to take up courses relating to hotel management due to the increasing demand for hotel jobs. Because of this, colleges, universities and even vocational institutions (6 months training course) focus on providing the needed trainings and specialized courses necessary.

Interview Questions to Watch Out for New IT Graduates

We’ve all been there – walking into a job interview telling yourself you’re going to nail it, only to find yourself almost completely lost for words. In the current climate, competition for jobs is proving particularly intense. More and more graduates are coming on to the market, only to find there are fewer and fewer positions available.

Where Have All The Positive Leaders Gone?

A negative attitude is pervasive in politics. Is it the same in the work place? Good people skills can put you ahead of the rest.

Best Forex Trading Signals

If you are a retail trader, you should target best forex trading signals service. Forex trading software programs are essential tools for increasing profitable trades and minimizing losses in currency trading.

The Renowned Jaclyn Easton Provides In-Depth Analysis on Future Technologies

Jaclyn Easton is an Emmy Award winner for technology reporting, who has been acclaimed as one of the world’s only technology futurists. She is renowned as the columnist for “Los Angeles Times.” Apart from reporting for CBS News in Lose Angeles, Jaclyn Easton is the author of the business/entrepreneur book, which was voted #1 in 1999, at

How Is Talent Different From Experience?

The question on whether talent would defy experience or experience would beat talent reoccurs in every mind whether in competition or work or whatnot. But to answer in favor of one while giving the other less credit would be extremely unfair to both. Many people have gone against the odds and defeated one with the other.

I’m Ready to Become a Freelance SEO Writer, But What Should I Charge?

You want to become a freelance SEO writer, but you’re not sure how much to charge clients. This guide will give you tips on how to determine your rates.

Break Out of That Rut and Face the Unknown

I hate my job. I only do it for the money. I’d quit if I could. If this sounds like you, read this article.

What to Expect on Your First Day At Work

One of the best days of your life is probably that day when you received a call telling you that you got the job. Snagging a job is a wonderful feeling. It makes you feel blessed and happy to have gotten what you really wanted.

Understanding the Significance of Requirements Gathering Courses in Project Management Training

In project management training, requirements gathering and development courses are crucial in teaching PMPs the importance and the effect of providing “good” requirements. Being able to provide these allows PMPs to drive their projects to success and secure client satisfaction.

Eight Ways to Be More Effective With Email

In the current world, and in most work environments, email has become an indispensable part of life.  And this has happened for good reason…

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