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The Main Abilities And Skills Employers Are Currently Looking For And How To Show You Have Them

Gone are the days, when candidates were chosen just on the basis of salary. Today’s employment decisions are taken on the basis of what value an employee can bring to an organisation, rather than simply on salary alone. By value is meant, what benefits can you bring to the firm in a number of ways?

Understanding the Effectiveness of Career Posters

Undeniable as it is, career counselling is an important part of an individual’s life. It is the key to making sure that you choose the right career for yourself and end up with a job you love. When it comes to career advice, there are several tools that can be paired with it.

Can Your Voice Stop Your Career? Episode 3

How shyness in your voice can stop your career. This is an ongoing discussion of various examples of how your voice can contain hidden messages that can halt and hinder your career. In this example we discuss the example of shyness. With this particular example one can see how often times people are unaware that they are conveying a message within their speaking voice.

Can Your Voice Stop Your Career? Episode 2

A continuing series of discussions all focused around hidden meanings in one’s voice. Without knowing it your voice can be sending someone the wrong message. Messages like these can potentially halt or hinder someone’s career. A further discussion and example of one such hidden message.

How To Create A Career Portfolio

Career portfolios, also referred to as professional portfolios, are becoming an increasingly popular job search tool. What is a career portfolio? A career portfolio is a collection of materials evidencing your qualifications, skills, experience and personal qualities.

A Look at Hospital Personnel From the Top Down

A modern hospital represents the very definition of structure and efficiency. Such institutions care for hundreds or millions of people each year and are equipped with some of the latest technologies backed by trained personnel. As the complexity of our society continues to increase so does the need for hospitals to be orgainsed in the most effective manners possible.

4 Things to Consider When Dressing for Work

Wearing appropriate business attire can go a long way in getting the job, getting the client, or moving up the corporate ladder. However, knowing what an appropriate work wardrobe is can be confusing, as it can vary depending on the industry, the company culture and your job. Before deciding what to wear to work, consider the following…

Bodyguards – Out With the Obsolete and in With the Brand-New

What is your perception of a bodyguard? Do you think our lives are all glitz and glamor? Will will explain how the public perceives us.

How To Find If You Are Joining The Right Company Or Making A Bad Career Move

It is perhaps overstating the obvious, to say that being out of work can be one of the most stressful things that can happen to you.However many unemployed people jump at the first job offer without considering the long term consequences. It is important to remember that you must fit in to the new company’s culture, or else you could be making a serious mistake with your next career move.

Easy To Implement Tips To Help You To Stand Out From Other Candidates In Your Job Search

When people start to look for a new career post, many view it as a fairly simple exercise. The common perception is that if you simply contact recruitment agencies, send in your old CV or career resume, and contact a few friends to let them know you are looking, that will suffice. In today’s job market that is a recipe for failure.

Find the Right Nurse Jobs With Ease With Leading Job Search Portals

Popularity of job searching portals has grown by leaps and bounds over the years and with valid reason. Even though, jobs available are aplenty today, finding the right job with the desired remuneration can be a challenging task at best. Job searching portals can radically simplify the job hunting procedure. People on the lookout of the right care assistant jobs can now accelerate their chances for better career prospectus with reliable and trusted searching portals. Whether seeking a rewarding career move or looking for high calibre staff to fill in your health care vacancy needs, a leading portal is the one stop destination to be.

3 Tips to Better Dealing With a Demanding Career

It’s easier said than done. Perhaps this line sounds familiar to you. Yes, this has something to do with saying a thing that seems very easy but actually very hard to do. Many individuals are used to it regardless of the impact to another person. This holds true when you are attached to a demanding career and oftentimes other people will simply tell you that if they were you, they can really handle the situation with aplomb.

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