How Much Does Supercar Blondie Make on YouTube

How to Improve Your Earning Potential

Are you overworked and underpaid? Well, before you consider switching career paths, it’s worth investigating if, and how, you can improve your salary prospects and negotiate a pay increase in your current position.

Jobs in Pune

Pune is one of the foremost industrial cities in India and has been contributing gradually to several small, medium sized industries and offering jobs to more than thousands of people every year. Pune has India’s growing IT, manufacturing, engineering and automobile industries. At present, there are numerous of IT industries has made their shell. These companies have several openings for several jobs in Pune. Those who are passionate to work on UNIX/C/ C++, JAVA, MAINFRAME, PERL, SIEBEL, ORACLE, WEB TECHNOLOGY etc…have a great future in Pune.

2010 ASQ Salary Survey: Average Salaries of Quality Management Professionals

Quality Management (QM) Professionals play an important role in an organization. No matter what an organization sells, it needs quality professional to ensure quality in processes, products and services to continuously meet the needs and expectations of the customer. This articles summarizes the average salaries of QM Professionals.

Considering a Career in Software Testing?

A career in software testing is clearly not for everyone, but for the right people it offers tremendous opportunity. Here is a rundown of some of the things to consider when evaluating the field of software testing as a career choice.

I Hate My Job, Is There Anything Else Out There?

This article is for anyone who hates there job, not only that but anyone who is currently in an unhappy situation and needs a direction out. This article will open your mind and explain the right course of action to take if you truly do hate your job!

Trust Your Gut: After Graduation Work Tips

Upon looking for a job, too many recent college graduates put more weight in others’ advice regarding the career they should be seeking as opposed to their gut advice. Entry-level job applicants need to begin trusting their intuition more and more and putting less and less importance on the career advice given to them by others.

Visualizing Starting New Businesses – A Few Easy Steps for You to Follow

Visualization has been known to provide great results if you do it the right way. If you are planning to start a new business then visualization can be a great way for you to succeed at it. Read on to learn about a few steps that you can follow in order to visualize the right way.

Finding A Better Job When the Going Gets Tough

The economic recession is slowly going away and that’s good news! However, unemployment is still high and new job opportunities are not coming as quickly as expected because most companies are still unsure of the future and remain hesitant about hiring. Not the best news, but there is some hope for those who have lost jobs with new opportunities opening up.

Career Opportunities for Computer Science Graduates

Career opportunities for graduates of computer science and other related courses in IT are prevalent the last few years because of the fast advancement of technology. There are BPO companies everywhere, high-paying jobs in the IT industry, and a lot of perks that go along with it. So if you are just entering college and are wondering what course you could consider and would make a profitable career out of, taking a look at these different career opportunities for computer science graduates might be able to make up your mind.

Ways to Find a Suitable Job Agency

Finding a job is a difficult process, particularly if you’re new to the search, or currently unemployed and keen to get back into work quickly. One of the best ways to find a job is to sign up with an employment or job agency where a professional will contact employers on your behalf to find a job role which suits your skills, experience and career aspirations.

Energy Consultant and Energy Broker Career Path: Is It Right For You?

With the deregulation of over 20 States currently in the United States for electricity and/or gas, there are many opportunities for average people with no experience to become Energy Consultants (Energy Brokers) with outside supply companies. Energy Brokers simply help residents and businesses save money on a bill they have to pay anyway — their electric and/or gas bill. The Energy Consultant or Energy Broker is then paid by the outside supply company, usually with an upfront commission per meter as well as residual income, as long as the customer remains with that supplier. It is a great opportunity to build your own passive income stream and has the potential to make the broker/consultant a 5, 6 or even 7 figure income!

Help! I HATE My Job!

If you hate your job you’re not alone. 55% of Americans hate their jobs, and studies have shown that heart attacks increase by as much as 20% on Monday morning. So what’s the deal? Why are so many of us spending so much of our life doing things we despise?

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