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Executive Protection – Get Accredited

Do not be lulled into believing that your past accomplishments alone are all you need in the executive protection (EP) industry. Individuals thinking of entering this field should skillfully gain momentum to rise to the top of their game. Pay your dues to play by getting accredited.

I Hate My Job! – But I’m Not Going Anywhere

People continually stay at jobs that they hate. Why? What keeps people coming back to jobs that make their life miserable?

Keeping Your Job While You Watch Your Colleagues Fall by the Way Side

“When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”. This should be the mantra or the spirit that each of us should carry in these trying times of recession. The slowdown in the economy worldwide has caused a lot of tension and changes in the business houses all across the world. This is a time when we should sit down and look into our own life and see what can be done in order to sail through this rather unhealthy economic situation.

20 Things to Expect When You Get Unemployed!

If you have are a victim to the worst economy in years, and are unemployed, then you should expect some not so favorable circumstances, like an unending job search. When I was unemployed, from my primary source of income, due to a hostile “corporate takeover”, my life turned into spiraling vortex of panic and anxiety. Confusion, stress, and no money leave a person scrambling for some type of job security.

Asking Questions Will Win You the Job

Many people blow the interview right here, because they don’t know to have good questions ready to ask, so they say, “Nope.” Dumb, dumb, dumb. By asking questions, you’ll get great answers “straight from the horse’s mouth” to help you decide whether or not you want the job. And, it helps you make a great first impression. Here are some questions you should ask the interviewer.

Nursing Jobs Are Growing in Flexibility

Nurses are valuable contributors to the healthcare field. Their job is to care for those in times of medical distress. In recent years, the demands for qualified nursed have increased significantly. One of the main reasons for this growth is that nursing jobs are growing in flexibility.

What is the Best Personal Trainer Certification?

Helping client’s transform their bodies & minds is a pursuit that requires mastery over numerous interconnected topics, skill sets, and bodies of knowledge such as biomechanics, physiology, biochemistry, program design, psychology, and business acumen. What is your career path and what are your continuing education goals? Read the article to explore different certifications and perspectives on health and fitness.

What’s Needed For Psychiatric Nursing Jobs?

There is a real and urgent need for nurses specializing in the care of people with mental health issues. One area that many nurses are pursuing today is mental health (psychiatric) nursing, which can be briefly defined as an area of nursing that employs theories of human behavior as its primary science and focus.

Only the Best Get Pediatric Nursing Jobs

If you are a nursing student and have a strong love for children, then one specialty that you might want to seriously consider is pediatric nursing. It is a wonderful and rewarding area to work in and only the most compassionate and dedicated individuals are considered for employment.

How to Choose a Healthcare Career That Perfectly Fits You

More than 200 healthcare career occupations are in the industry today and they all require skills and knowledge that are highly specialized. Choosing one of these careers will demand your commitment, for most of your day and possibly, most of your waking hours. This makes it important to know which career will perfectly fit you.

Info on Nursing Informatics Jobs

By its very definition, nursing informatics combines information science, computer science and health care into one neat package. It is used by nurses as they obtain, store, retrieve and use healthcare information. Nurses trained in health informatics must be experts on computer usage as well as knowledgeable on clinical guidelines, medical terminologies and health information systems.

Bright Or Bleak Outlook For New Graduate Nursing Jobs?

Is the future bright or bleak for recent nursing school graduates? All indications point to a positive outlook for anyone who has completed a nursing program and is now in the job market. New graduate nursing jobs appear to be plentiful and people with the right credentials are in demand.

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