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Internships Help Build Your Resume

Oprah isn’t a bad role model for career success. In fact, any inexperienced jobseeker will hit the wall of contradiction where experience is required to get a job, when the job is the only source of experience.

Your First Impression Is Your Cover Letter

“What should a resume look like” is the first thought we often have in the job search process. But don’t forget to pay attention to the cover letter. It is crucial, too.

Prioritize Your Target Companies In the Career Fair

There are usually a lot of companies participate in major career fairs. Such as the Engineering/Science career fair, they will have a lot of companies that are specializing in different industries; such as energy, utilities, computers, construction, medical and so on. In other words, your set of skills might not be compatible for all of the companies setting up booths in the career fair.

Make Bigger Tips – 7 Ways To Get Larger Gratuities

Being a waitress isn’t the best paying job, but you can actually earn a lot more than your basic pay if you can make bigger tips each day. You might be surprised that it only takes a little effort to make larger gratuities. Check out these guidelines and see if you can make more at the end of your day.

Comprehensive Overview of Occupational Therapist Salary

Occupational Therapists are one of the most in demand professionals in the health care industry. In this article, we review occupational therapist salaries and how they vary among states and the place of work.

4 Great Reasons To Think About A CPA Career

Are you thinking about studying to become a CPA. You will already know that this is not an easy exam to take. You will need a lot of time and will have to put in considerable effort in order to pass the CPA Exam. But when you finally pass, the rewards of a CPA career are worth the effort.

What’s Your Unfair Advantage (and Do You Even Know About It?)

What sets you apart? You might have struggled with something but now it’s become your unfair advantage.

Five Great Job or Career Ideas for People Who Love Dogs

Sure, you can become a dog-walker, or open a grooming salon. But that may not be what you really love about dogs. Why not create your own career combining all your passions? Here are some ideas.

Creativity And Business – Part III

Vision describes where we are going – the ‘promised land’. The Vision is the enterprise’s ‘dream’ of the future, a picture painted in words (and numbers) which is intended to inspire people by appealing to the heart as well as the head. Mission describes what we are going to do to achieve our Vision. A mission statement is simply a specific description of what the organisation actually does – its contribution to the world and society – so that employees, customers and other stakeholders understand what the business needs to excel at. Values describe how we are going to conduct ourselves along the road to success.

When You Are No Longer Happy With Your Job

When you are no longer happy with your job-you can always quit. But before you do so, maybe you should evaluate some things why you are no longer happy.

Should You Ever Work For Free?

I have been seeing more press coverage about “adult internships” lately. These refer to experienced professionals who take on a short-term project for little or no pay. Sometimes, these adult internships are for career changers to break into a new target sector, but sometimes experienced, unemployed professionals use internships to get a foot in the door at a new company in their same sector.

Career Success Requires Playing The Field, Not Waiting Around

A lot of the job search is waiting: drop your resume and wait for the interview; attend the interview and wait for more interviews; attend the second interview and wait for the decision. Many job seekers want to know how long to wait before checking in or moving on.

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