How Much Does Technical Guruji Make On YouTube

Resume Preparation – This Is the Tool That Sells You – Make Sure You Get It Right!

Remember your Resume is your selling tool – it is selling YOU. It should be concise and understated rather than exaggerated. Your Consultant will add to it if required. Keep in mind that a bad resume can prevent you from even getting an interview so spend time to make sure it sells you.

In the Line of Fire – Could You Be a Bodyguard?

When you see bodyguards in the movies or on TV, it often looks like quite a glamorous job escorting celebrities to and from the latest showbiz event. However it’s also a job that comes with a great amount of responsibility as ultimately you have to be prepared to sacrifice yourself to ensure the safety of your client.

Shifting Gears in Your Career

Often people need a change in their careers just to keep them interested and excited about their field of work. Sometimes people go in a completely new direction and pursue a different career path, but others choose to use their backgrounds in a particular area and add to their knowledge by earning advanced degrees or certifications related to their field.

How to Start a Modeling Career

Modeling is largely based on how you look. Therefore, if you want to start a career in modeling, you have to look the part. This means that you have to take a keen interest in your appearance.

MBA for You

There is a well-known phrase saying money should be primarily invested in oneself. That is why many decide spending money on MBA program hoping this investment will not only be repaid, but also bring a deep sense of satisfaction and success in life. However, let’s repeat once more how to choose an MBA for you.

Careers After 50: The Value of a Temp Job!

Careers after 50: developing appropriate experience to qualify for a planned career. You’ve researched and studied a variety of proposed new careers. After speaking to others working in the field you’ve narrowed your list down to one or two possible new careers. However, you’ve found both require specific experience that you need to acquire. Learn how to get the required career related experience through working for temp agencies.

How Do I Start a Kid’s Modeling Career?

A modeling career for your child could have quite a number of advantages. Not only is it lucrative, it also builds your child’s self-esteem and confidence. Children also have a variety of modeling options ranging from print to commercials to even runway. The sky is the limit. But where do you start when your child wants to get into modeling?

How to Prepare for a Job in Safety

Jobs in safety demand one thing above all else: common sense. Safety jobs absolutely require people with a good head on their shoulders who can pay attention to what’s going on around them at all times.

How Do I Start a Male Modeling Career?

Modeling may seem like a career dominated by females, but this does not mean that there are no men. Male models are vital in strutting male fashion on the catwalks. And just because they are fewer male models than women, it does not mean that they earn any less.

Where to Find Food Safety Jobs

For people interested in food safety jobs, there are several great places to start looking for employment. First of all, the national and local government employs many people each year to work in the field of food safety. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is one of such top employers. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is another great place to look for food safety jobs.

Want a Promotion? Here’s How to Impress Your Superiors

Want to move up the corporate ladder? Well, create the right impression and induce your superiors to consider your name the next time a promotion comes up.

How Do I Start a Plus Size Modeling Career?

The modeling industry is not exclusive to skinny women who abhor burgers and only eat rabbit food. If you are a size twelve and above woman, you can still get into the modeling industry. In recent years, the full figured woman is becoming more appreciated because the masses can see now see through the body ideals that mass media has been shoving down people’s throats. “Real” bodies are now appearing on the catwalks. So how do you get into plus size modeling?

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