How Much Does The Aguilars Make on YouTube

On Becoming a Translator

Translation isn’t as simple as it may seem on the surface. A person who is fluent in two languages isn’t qualified to be a translator just because he is bilingual. Translating is much more than just translating words – it involves the transfer of meaning from the source text to its equivalent in the target language.

It’s Your Social Responsibility to Start A Business

So, you can’t find a job? Business isn’t hiring. The company you worked at for years sent a messenger boy to your office / cubicle / desk telling you to clean out your things, you’ve got 5 minutes to do so.

The Secret of Becoming a Successful iPhone Game Developer

Those who use iPhones are quickly discovering the several advantages of owning such devices. They are discovering the fact that these devices are indeed more than just phones and organizers because of the large number of apps that are available in the iPhone app store.

Medical Assistant Careers – Why Fast-Track An Accredited Program?

Medical assistant careers are expected to see 34% growth within the next 6 years (Bureau of Labor Statistics). If you’re interested in jumping into this rapidly growing field, there are fast-track degree programs leading to careers that could put you in a new job in as little as 12 months.

Career Life Mind Mapping

Have you taken the time to really think about your professional, financial and career goals? Have you taken the time to brainstorm who your networks are, what really drives you and what your areas of interest are? Mind mapping provides the opportunity to really THINK about those questions and about your life and your career.

Importance of Education for Career Advancement

If you are among the post-recession cynics who think a college degree is an expensive, but worthless, piece of paper, here’s some food for thought. In 2009, the unemployment rate was the lowest for those who held a professional degree, at 2.3 percent, while it was the highest (14.6%) for individuals whose educational qualification was less than a high school diploma.

How to Write a Career Change Cover Letter

Example/sample of career change cover letter and advice about what should – and should not – be included. Gives detailed advice on what points should be covered and why.

4 Ways Your Life Story Can Help You Get a Job

4 Ways Your Life Story Can Help You Get a Job in everything from improving your resume, to helping you with job descriptions, to giving you more confidence in job interviews. Seven stories can reveal more about your marketable skills than you ever imagined.

Joining Male Fitness Model Agency – How And Why

Many of those who fall short for the fashion modeling requirements do not know that they could perform as fitness models and gain nearly the same fame and about the same money. The key to this career is to find the right male fitness model agency. Learn the basics of choosing the right agency to represent you in fitness modeling venue.

Top Modeling Agencies – Are They Your Best Choice?

Any new aspiring model would feel confused when he or she tends to choose the modeling agency to represent them. Top modeling agencies are always the dream of every new model but, are they really the best choice in the beginning of your career. There are many pros and cons that you need to consider before you go after top modeling agencies.

Check Out Some Jobs In Demand!

As times go by… jobs in demand fluctuate. You might not realize it now, but at one point the job you have or the job you dream of wasn’t in demand, and odds are one day it will again be either lower or not in demand anymore.

Seeking a New Job Opportunity in Your Boomer Years?

More boomers are moving into second and third careers. Some neglect to polish their image and their skills. This article provides tips — some obvious; some not. This touches the 33% of the workforce classified as being in their boomer years

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