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Formulation of CeMAP Courses

Financial professionals are conscious that the CeMAP is awarded by the Institute of Financial services. The Certificate course sticks to the exact requirements of Financial Services Skills Council (FSSC), it has been given the accreditation from the Qualifications of Curriculum Authority. It is incorporated by the National Qualifications Framework- Level 3.

6 Ways You Could Be Kidding Yourself in Your Career

When it comes to your career, do you lie to yourself? The answer is most likely ‘yes.’ In an article I read by Sam Sommers, a professor of psychology at Tufts University, he explains how and why we like to kid ourselves. He explains: “People do this all the time. We bend the facts to fit our self-image, perpetuating a view of ourselves that is often more positive than accurate.” In fact, Sommers outlines the six main ways we use self-deception to make ourselves feel better.

How to Make a Career Change As a Mid-Career Professional

So you have been working in the same industry or maybe even the same company for the last ten to twenty years and you are thinking about a career change. Maybe your line of work is no longer satisfying or life circumstances have changed and you need something more suitable for your lifestyle.

Feedback Fuels Professional Development

In the hyper competitive job market today, if you are not moving ahead you are almost certainly falling behind. The best way to move ahead, either in your current job and company, or any other is to champion your own professional development. Simply stated, development is the “engine” that powers your career. To take on new skills and apply them effectively to solve business challenges is to separate yourself from the crowd and get noticed.

A Straight-Shooting Guide For Your Career Planning Success

No matter which path you choose, remember that career planning is all about you. Remember, you are the one that plans on being in this field for the rest of your life. College is not for everyone and there is no shame in bypassing it and going straight into the professional world.

5 Major Causes of Personal & Professional Failure

Success will always lie just out of reach for anyone who does not set goals and create strategies to achieve those goals on a daily basis. It’s a constant job. You need have a goal you are aiming for at all times or you will people just become content and stale in what they are doing.

Respect For Schedules – Don’t “Better Deal” People

I just got “Better Dealed” for the second time in two weeks. A gentleman who is a very aggressive sales professional, whom I know and admire, canceled on me twice for coffee. Both times he said that he had to reschedule because “the opportunity to meet with a big prospect popped up”.

Leadership – What Does it Take?

We all know deep down that we have to work on ourselves to be the person that others will gladly follow. But truly what does it mean to be a leader? Lots of things but it can best be summed up like this: Leader has TRUE value to offer -If you have real value to offer people they will come to you to get it. We all want to know how to do things better, be better, and achieve more success.

“Sales Letter” Or Resume?

 The truth is, resumes just aren’t that helpful in getting interviews!  With stacks of resume`s hitting human resources and personnel departments daily, they’re more often used to screen you out than to screen you in. Your resume` gets about a six to 10-second look because the company is searching for an exact match on specific criteria; if one little piece (you have four years experience in the industry, they want five; you’re not local; they think you’re too old because you included the dates you got your degrees, etc.

Mentor Me – How to Select and Use a Mentor to Enhance Your Career Success

Who needs a mentor? Aspiring entrepreneurs, successful businesspeople, those just starting out, and everyone who wants to be a successful and career confident woman or man can benefit from having a mentor. How do you find a mentor who is right for you? The first thing to consider when seeking a mentor is your goals.

Healthcare Jobs Everywhere – Select Your City

Whether you just graduated from college or just want to spice up your life, moving to a new city can be a great adventure. Healthcare jobs are everywhere and that means you can move anywhere. Since these jobs can be found everywhere, select your new city wisely.

How to Describe Weaknesses in Job Interviews

Human resources professionals, recruiters and others who interview job applicants seem to have a fondness for that much-dreaded question about how you would describe your own weaknesses. As much as those hiring love to ask the question, almost every job seeker hates to answer it. Describe your weaknesses is a double-edged sword of a question. There is no one right answer to it. However it is definitely one of the most important questions you will face in a job interview.

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