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Land Your Dream Job in 60 Days – Follow These 5 Steps

You really can find the perfect job in 60 days or less! Follow these 5 steps to shorten your job search and land the right job for you.

Career Tips – The Second Stage (1920-1939) In Career Counseling History

With the end of World War I and the passage of the Smith-Hughes Act, another transition began and, with the economic depression of the 1930s, these social and legislative processes focused U. S. society on educational counseling and solidified the role of vocational guidance in the schools. “The union of education, of social work, and of psychometrics in the vocational guidance of youth and adults was now somewhat more complete” (Super, 1974).

You Have Graduated and Are About to Begin a New Chapter in Your Life

Things they did not teach you in school are a hindrance to many fresh graduates seeking employment. They have to learn these things the hard way at a time when they thought they have a diploma/degree that will open all doors to a bright new career. Sadly, they have to start from scratch learning the ropes about job hunting and all what it entails.

The Importance of Buying a Business That Suits You

If you are looking into buying a business, there are many factors you need to consider. This is especially true in the present economic climate, where many businesses are laying off employees in large numbers, struggling to stay afloat, and in many cases, shutting their doors for good.

The Right Attitude Can Win You the Position You Seek

In my industry we deal a lot with attitude. The right attitude can make a good candidate a great candidate. Winning the position you want takes more than experience.

Become a Business Coach

Coaching someone when it comes to business can be hard, but for many people, teaching others is what they do best. Is this you? Well, let’s see. Do you enjoy helping others when they open a business for the first time? Do people always come to you for advice when they want to start a business?

Great Demand For Registered Nurses

Recently, jobs that are considered low scale are booming and the nursing profession is one of these. But comparing with other jobs which belong to the same category, this profession is better paid. Registered nurses are still becoming more in demand as time goes by therefore there is no doubt that they have good career ahead of them.

College and the Mathematics Prodigy – What Career Should You Take?

There are many super up and coming math student in our time, for some reason, perhaps due to increased population, we are discovering more and more anomalies. And yet, we need so many more. It’s great to have the super-stars of humanity and these unbelievable mathematical prodigies, but we are going to need more to run our ever increasing complex and technologically advanced society.

How to Become an Architect

This article explains the various stages of training a student must go through to become an Architect. I am an Architect and I trained in the UK, so this article is written from that point of view. Its not a cynical piece, I love my job, bit its a tough journey getting to this point and I would rather anyone considering Architecture as a career knew the truth.

Find Business Mentors

Starting in any business can be tough and no matter what you do you will always have problems that pop up. These can become quite big issues if you don’t handle them properly and professionally. So, where do you learn about these problems and how to overcome them? Well, finding business mentors is one such way of remaining calm.

Job Search – Five Tips For Keeping in Touch Without Being Annoying

The job hunting world can be a lonely place, particularly if you are ‘between jobs’. It can be very dispiriting and, paradoxically, distracting when everyone else has left the house for the day and left you on your own. These are not feelings you want when trying to stay focused on your search for a job.

Why Get Personal? Your Online Personal Brand Can Help You

Why Get Personal? You may not be comfortable with the idea of adding a personal dimension to your professional identity. After all, aren’t the two supposed to be kept separate? Maybe in the corporate world, but as a job seeker, you’ve got to sell yourself as someone recruiters and employers want and/or need. Getting personal has real benefits:

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