How Much Does The Fish Whisperer Make on YouTube

Advice to Young Professionals

I have had a number of invitations recently, to speak to groups of students and young professionals, at IUPUI, Arsenal Tech High School, the Orr Fellows and the Young Professionals of Central Indiana. After getting over the fact I am talking to a room of professionals, or near professionals who are younger then my children, I really enjoy the conversations.

7 Need to Know Facts When Choosing Bartending As a Career!

Interested in becoming a bartender? This article will present you with interesting facts about the bar industry.

Interesting Jobs For Computer Science Majors

Are you considering majoring in computer science? If so do you know about the different jobs for computer science majors that are out there? What do you think that you want to do once you have your major?

For Who Or What Are We Working Anymore?

My son is a product of corporate downsizing. He is one of the 10% of the American workforce that has been out of a job for over a year. Resume after resume and there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

Becoming a Professional Bartender

Many people choose to tend bar as a side job, or as something they do for the summer, in between semesters at school. However once they start, many find that this job is actually a fun, exciting, and lucrative position, that in some circumstances can turn into a relatively successful long term career. However it’s important to know the necessities, the pitfalls, and the general road to success, before undertaking to pursue this career path.

Personal Branding

Some companies spend millions of dollars every year toward brand management. The brand management team makes sure every time someone sees their logo, hears their name, views their ads, uses their products, or visits their website, the proper image – or brand – is presented to the customer.

Work Stress Management Techniques

The first way to combat work associated stress is to pinpoint the cause. Not all stress is bad but since it can develop from a combination of things in your life including emotional and physical issues, it could be any challenge or threat that overloads your well-being. After determining the cause, acknowledge the best ways to reduce your stress to healthier levels via coping strategies.

Focusing Your Interview Preparation Effort by Aiming at These 9 Skills

Preparing for interviews is tough. A list of items to prepare for may strengthen your “A game.”

20 Winning Questions to Ask at an Interview

An applicant will always be jumping with excitement when answering a phone call. The call could very well be the chance for a job interview or better. For first time applicants, the need to be informed on how to go about the interview process is very much needed. Here is the crucial truth that you need to know, an interview is actually a give and take communication process.

Grown-Ups in The Mirror May Be the Total Opposite of How They Appear

Have you noticed lately that the person you’ve been worshiping isn’t as “perfect” or “together” as they seem? Take that friend you envy for her freelance writing career, for example. You see her & think “Someone can make a living as a writer?

Fixing Your Credit For Your 6 Figure Job Search

Your credit report and background check can play a big part in getting a new 6 figure job these days. More companies than ever are requiring credit reports in addition to background checks before they will hire you and not just for 6 figure jobs in the financial sector.

Leading Edge Phone Technology For Real Estate Marketing

iPhone, Smartphone, or superphone! What is it called? Regardless of the name we all must agree it is the leading edge phone technology for those desiring to become a realtor.

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