How Much Does The Hillbillies Make on YouTube

Workplace Warfare – Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y

With an age gap of nearly 50 years between the oldest and youngest employees in some organisations, there is a broad range of perspectives, needs and attitudes floating around the office. Recognising and understanding generational differences can help everyone learn to work together more effectively and transform your workplace from a generation war zone to an age-diverse and productive team.

How to Find Jobs That Are Recession Proof

It’s indeed sad and very difficult to adjust your lifestyle once you have been affected my recession but what we have to know is that there is still hope in these dark times. Believe it or not, there are still many jobs that are recession proof around the globe.

This Just In – Is Medical Transcriptionist College the Smartest System to Be Trained?

If you have to have a job, you should have one that pays, right? You don’t want a job that has you living from paycheck to paycheck. No one wants that. In addition, if you are going to work, you want to make sure that you are doing something that you like. For that reason, a lot of people are going to keep getting involved in medical transcription.

Here’s the Latest – Internet Medical Transcription Jobs Are Plentiful!

There is a lot to be said about the rising popularity of medical transcriptionist jobs. Magazines, internet job forums, classified ads, and online transcription schools are always advertising home careers in medical transcription. Those who want to work from home want something they can do and enjoy. They also want something that pays a legitimate amount of money. With medical transcription, you get all of that and so much more.

This Just In – How to Get Your Career Going As an at Home Medical Transcriptionist

Getting involved in home transcription can be a very exciting process. At first, the idea may seem like a complete dream, and rightfully so because once you get the ball rolling for yourself, you will be living the dream. But how do you get going?

What You Need to Know – The Best Tips to Locate the Best Entry Level Medical Transcription Jobs

If you are a beginner, landing your first transcription job may seem impossible, even if you have been certified. Medical transcriptionist jobs are practically all over the place and it is enough to drive someone who wants to work absolutely crazy. I have been where you are, so I feel your pain. But I am here to let you know that there is a way to break into this industry and find the top medical transcription jobs on the market.

How a Careers Coach Can Help You Find That Dream Job

We all have dreams right, to most of us though that’s what they’ll remain, dreams. But for a lucky few, those dreams become reality. But is it Luck?

Your Path to a Nursing Degree

Obtaining a nursing degree is something that many people dream about. Getting a nursing degree has eluded numerous people for many different reasons.

Home Medical Transcription Jobs Are Effortless to Track Down – Here Are the Reasons Why

Tracking down medical transcriptionist jobs is a very simple thing to do if you have the necessary information to make it a possibility. Most people look at transcription jobs as the ultimate “dream job”. Having the opportunity to stay home while still owning a professional career is something that you may not hear of that often. That is because medical transcription is a highly professional career field that is looked upon with respect and undeniable recognition.

The Risks and Rewards of Hedge Fund Jobs

There is a lot to find desirable about hedge fund jobs. Industry insiders can look forward to days spent trading in exotic securities, earning extravagant salaries and living the elite lifestyle that comes with them. Beyond the Wall Street prestige and monetary rewards that hedge funds offer, however, there is an innate amount of risk that comes part and parcel with jobs in the sector.  

Negotiating – A Short Story

Those of you who read my previous article on how I successfully climbed the career ladder may now wish to read a bit more about further success on improving my lifestyle. The career consultants that gave me some advice on self-marketing also gave me an introduction into how to negotiate effectively.

Conflict Resolution For IT Architects

Conflict has become such a part of our daily routine as an IT architect, that we barely notice it. In the majority of cases we can have conflicts of interest with dozens sometimes hundreds of people during a normal working day. In fact a lot of our social behavior involves dealing with conflict unconsciously.

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