How Much Does The Hungry Syrian Wanderer Make On YouTube

Get Results – Use Right Thinking Instead of Positive Thinking for Success

So Just what is the difference between right thinking and positive thinking and how can this help you with your career? Now before you misunderstand my meaning, yes, I do want you to be positive. However, I’m not a big fan of positive thinking because I fear it has been misunderstood and misapplied.

Your Online Doppelganger: A Good or Bad Version of The Real You?

With so many social media channels out there, we are becoming a hyper-connected society. But does the reality match up with the cyber profile? Or is there a distinct difference? What does your online presence say about you… especially to employers who are trolling the Internet looking for info on you (4 out of 5 employers are!)?

The Biggest Secret Obstacle to Your Career

Ever wonder why you get passed over for promotions? Don’t get the raise? Aren’t told about job opportunities? Sometimes, the answer is closer than you think.

Is Your Handshake Sending the Right Message?

Ah, the handshake. The handshake that is the 2nd or 3rd thing in which others will judge you. First in line is your visual image. What follows is often a handshake, your name, or both, as you introduce yourself.

You Do Not Need to Live With the Voice You Hear on Your Answering Machine

Do you remember the first time you heard yourself on a recording? I do. The memory is seared into my mind. I was shocked. In fact, I was sure it was the fault of Sony and not of me!

Cosmetology Classes

Cosmetology is a rapidly expanding field nowadays. Women have always been conscious about their appearance and have always required beauty experts to help them achieve that but now men are equally concerned about their looks. This is the reason why the field of cosmetology is becoming so popular. This field deals with various aspects of beauty and personal care like hair cutting, facial treatments, manicure, pedicure and nail therapies etc. People require these treatments over and over again which makes this industry more in demand.

Tips To Be A Better Bartender and Make More Money

Okay, so you are already a bartender, or you want to be a bartender. There are a few simple things to keep on the tip of your brain while working that will help you to achieve the goal of becoming a better bartender, and undoubtedly will help you earn more money. In the following article I will cover some basics ingredients that will help you achieve these goals; with this being said let’s get started.

New Boss, New Strategy

Many companies are in upheavals right now, with many turning over key management positions. What does this mean for you? A new boss can mean a new opportunity for you to set the stage for a promotion or raise, if you do it right. Here are some tips that can help you get front and center without being boastful.

Employment Tips – How To Deal With That Annoying Fellow Employee

It happens all the time, that annoying co-worker, every place of work has one and you know that to be the truth. However, have you figured out just the right way to handle them without getting into a huge fight or doing something that might jeopardize the security of your own job. After all, you don’t want a major blowout that leaves you out in the colder with all the other job seekers. Here are a few things that might help you to cope with that annoying employee.

Five Myths Exposed About Starting a Small Business

There are all kinds of statistics out there to scare you away from starting a business – particularly the ones about failure rates. But, like most numbers, this information is subject to a great deal of interpretation and manipulation. Don’t let one of these five myths keep you from moving forward with your dreams.

Computer Network Manager Is Useful For Everyone

Since we live in such poor economic times there is a good chance that you are probably interested in working in a position that can help you to earn the most money possible like that of a computer network manger. Of course this is because there is a lot of technology that one has to have in almost all situations. This is something that will give you a variety of choices so that you can easily use the different choices for yourself.

Career Guidance For Teenagers In Today’s World

As parent, career advisor or tutor, what career guidance for teenagers can you give that’s useful, encouraging and honest? Today’s teenagers will have to make their way in a very competitive world.

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