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Scientific Jobs

Healthcare jobs are not the only jobs expanding at an exponential rate. Scientific jobs, which offer a variety of diverse positions in several different sectors has been exhibiting massive growth potential. As a matter of fact, these jobs are expected to grow by almost 30% within the next five years. This means that there will be millions of scientific jobs added, worldwide by the year 2016.

How to Earn Yourself a High-Paid Project Management Job

We are living and working in a very competitive society today where competitions are hot and intensive. If one does not consistently upgrade oneself to be above your competitors and peers as the weak one will be eliminated very soon.

Raise the Stakes to Get That Raise

Careful planning must precede the meeting in which you ask for the raise you are convinced you deserve. This article presents strategies for persuading your boss to agree with your assessment of your value to the company.

How to Earn a Project Management Certification With Ease

However, the job market and company’s employers have became more demanding today as they would require and desire a project management certification for anyone that they would like to recruit as project manager. The significance of the certificate demonstrate the necessary project management mastery on the job which is required.

What Has Made Donald Trump a Success?

Donald Trump can be easily counted as one of the most recognizable personalities in the world. He is an American business tycoon, a television personality, socialite and author and has managed to make his presence felt all over the world. Born in June, 1946, he went on to become the owner of a multi -billion dollar business organization.

Career Advice – Military Careers Have Good Benefits

Giving career advice is never easy, but it is often needed. The advice given sometimes is not well taken, people don’t really want to know the truth, people don’t really want to change, and people really do fear for the situations and scenarios beyond their control. Not long ago, a middle manager of a fairly large Corporation came to me and asked me what he should do because he needs to feed his family, he has been laid off and now he’s worried about his home being foreclosed on.

Auctioning Your Skills – Is Your Career Going to the Highest Bidder?

When it comes to your career search, are you looking for a fulfilling career or just selling your skills to the highest bidder? Money is an essential part of life. It certainly isn’t everything, but people need money to live. It’s just a fact of life. Everyone has the same goal in their working life: to be successful. However, the measure of that success doesn’t have to be financial. Too many people settle for jobs that are over-stressful or not exactly what they wanted just because they pay better…

Travel Nursing Positions – The Benefits of a Travel Nursing Career

Travel nursing is a relatively new concept where nurses can travel to various places to work temporary jobs for good pay. This article explains some of the benefits of getting travel nursing positions and what the requirements are for applying.

Mid-Life Career Change – Should Relocation Be Part of Your Game Plan?

Mid-life career changers frequently consider relocation as part of their career planning. Moving can contribute to your career as well as personal growth when you take just a few steps before you call the moving van. Read on to learn some tips to avoid a costly mistake.

Importance of Job Training For Businesses

It is not difficult to get stuck in a rut. In the workplace, someone may have their exact process that they always follow when dealing with customers, as inefficient as it may be. Also, some people may not realize the innovations that are going on all around us, and are therefore unable to adopt new practices to spice up a workplace. This is where job training can come in handy. This article will look at some types of extra job training as well as the benefits of sending your employees to such an event.

Car Dealer License

Ever thought about making some extra money buying and selling cars? The car business has always been a money making business and many private dealers do really well buying and selling cars. This page is dedicated in helping you understand why you need a dealer license and the possibilities it will open up for you.

How to Win the Support of Your Boss

The art of management requires that you spread your influence upwards through the organization, as well as downwards. If you want to achieve results and get on, you will need to gain the support of your superior. Most bosses can quickly detect flattery and manipulation-but there are other more acceptable strategies that will enhance your upward influence and win for you the continued backing of your superiors. This article presents some of those strategies.

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