How Much Does THE MILLER FAM Make on YouTube

Thoughts For the Recent and Unemployed Graduate

If you are an unemployed recent graduate then consider these tactics for finding that first professional position. Be persistent, work smart, have faith. The cream rises to the top.

Offshore Jobs

Offshore jobs: Do you really want an offshore oil rig job. Offshore drilling jobs can pay good money as do offshore marine jobs and offshore crane operator jobs. However, they do mean a lot of bleary eyed mornings, checking in at the heliport at silly O’clock.

What Makes Business People Successful?

Those who are successful in business more than likely are successful in other areas of their life. This is due to the mindset a successful person has. A successful business man has a different set of views than an unsuccessful businessman. A lot of people associate success with luck but in reality we all make our own luck. Our businesses and our lives are shaped by us. We are the ones that posses the power to think and change. A business doesn’t have a mind of its own it will always need the right kind of maintenance.

How to Get Your Canadian Business Equipment Financing Lease Approved

‘What is my rate?’ is a question I am often asked by customers when they work with us with respect to equipment and lease financing. They are surprised when I tell them that they get to pick their own rate! (All customers want the lowest rate!)

Weighing Career Choice Options For the Speed of Entry, Cost and Potential

With unemployment at the highest it has been in years, many Americans are looking to furthering their education in the hopes of being able to attain suitable employment in a field that has some opportunity. What is unfortunate about this possibility for so many people is that education is expensive.

Why You Should Get Your CDL

Getting a commercial driver’s license (otherwise known as a CDL) is not a simple thing to do. It requires taking classes which often costs thousands of dollars. Is it worth the money and time to get?

Audition Tips – How to Better Increase Your Chances of Getting a Call Back

How many times have you gone on an audition and wondered why you didn’t land the job? Wouldn’t it be nice to get every job you audition for? Trust me you are not alone. What could you have done differently or better?

Be Ready For Your Next Job

The economy is bad and we all need to continually train ourselves. Some of my thoughts on being prepared for the turnaround in our economy that will be forthcoming.

How to Start a Journalism Career

Journalism is maybe one career that pays lucratively at the moment, that’s if you’re one of those popular news anchors who define what we have to hear and know every morning or night-time. Identical also comes with editors of magazines and newspapers who help shape the opinions and needs of people. This is how powerful journalists can be. Well, those at the lid of the food chain are.

Advice For a Start Up Green Florist

With increasing eco-consciousness, more and more people are making environment friendly choices. It could be cars, homes, clothes and even the flowers that make ideal gifts. Whether you are already a florist or planning to open up a flower shop, adopting the ‘Green’ would set you apart from the crowd.

How to Improve Your Relationship With Your Manager

Relationships with bosses can range from beloved mentor to feared and despised ogre. When you’re a good communicator, your life runs a lot smoother.

Finding Free CNA Training

With the internet as large as it is today find free sources to achieve your CNA training. Learning everything there is to know about CNA is the key to success.

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